The Canyon ChronicleBy The Canyon Chronicle      July 24, 2020

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For 14 years Jeanne Dancs Arthur belonged to a dream circle called the Turtle Dreamers and painted about 12 different turtle and tortoise watercolors, “just for the love of it.”
Thank you for bringing your vital paper to our community! What a great team you are! The design and graphics are so tasty making it such a pleasure to read. The articles are relevant, helpful and interesting, With kind wishes to you all for every success! -Jeanne Arthur Dancs
I am soooo inspired by your story, your efforts and, needless to say, the quality of journalism of The Canyon Chronicle. And thank you for so beautifully articulating, “There is a rumor... But here’s the other world disease: the world is alive with discriminatory fear of ‘other’. other isms creates, at the least, a hostile environment.” Yours is the first warning about “othering” that I have read in print and am so grateful it is beginning to resonate in our collective consciousness.
Please keep going!! I’m unemployed, paying high Topanga rent, but giving anyway!
Let your Voice be heard!
-Alexandra de la Vega
The Canyon Chronicle
      July 24, 2020

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