2020 Year-End Reflections

By Jean Colonomos
Jean ColonomosBy Jean Colonomos      December 11, 2020

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5/29/20 “Playtime Bewitches the Day” I vacuum to the Beatles’ “White Album”                                     swagger my hips while rub-a-dubbing with the Dirt Devil,                                     firing up the fantasy how the vacuum will swallow every living, non-living thing,                                     then sound swish “Covid-19 is dead.” When my three grandchildren FaceTime from their Chicago basement, I social distance from my machine. This kid coven of three, who parent distance themselves, decide to play all day unsupervised; however, lunch and dinner is room service. When William says that after four-year-old Maddie naps, he’ll surprise his older sister by choosing a costume for his big sister to wear. Maddie crawls into Izzy’s lap for a hug so we hang up.                                         On this patent leather day,                                                 I vacuum the alphabet sown with sorrow. Later, William chooses a costume that no longer fits his sister, a disguise Izzy’s long outgrown. How their fluttering wings of growth keep me going. 5/30/20 “Stop-Time” A scrub blue jay captures me, picks up, drops, tests more dry pine needles wondering “would that work for the nest?”   In the new sheltering, slo-mo time, I skip drying dishes to watch the bird discard what it examines.    The bird streaks across the garden, coloring it in dusky blue.   I hunt for my animal spirit book which translates animal spirits into messages.  I glom onto a Covid-19 idea from “Animal Speak” on a May day in 2020: The blue jay reflects that a time of greater resourcefulness and adaptability is about to unfold.* * “ANIMAL-SPEAK, The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small,” Ted Andrews.
Jean Colonomos
      December 11, 2020

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December 24, 2020

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