5G Equipment Upgrades Poses Risks

By The 5G Free California Team

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5G Equipment Upgrades Poses Risks
Dear Fellow Resident, The 5G Free California Team wants to bring your attention to the rollout of technology infrastructure that is happening in the canyon, some of which is being attempted without the requisite building permits. This equipment will not only be an unsightly addition to the already overloaded power poles that blot the landscape of our scenic routes, but it is also harmful to health. In addition, it has the potential to significantly increase fire risk, a subject close to the heart of all canyon residents. HEALTH RISKS 5G technology requires the installation of “small cell” units that can be as large as a refrigerator and need to be placed every 200 feet. Most neighborhoods will also require taller, wider poles to carry the heavier equipment that can include 300-pound antennae and six-foot buzzing boxes. None of this equipment has been safety tested for humans, and scientists warn that the millimeter wave technology involved causes increased cancer risk, genetic damage, neurological disorders, learning and memory deficits, and poses a particular risk to children and the elderly. The existing 3G and 4G equipment—already known to be a Class 1 carcinogen that causes multiple other adverse health effects—will not be replaced by 5G, rather, 5G will be added to it. ILLEGAL UPGRADES WITHOUT BUILDING PERMITS Upgrades to the existing telecoms’ equipment are already being attempted, despite no building permits being in place for such work. A sharp-eyed Topanga resident recently witnessed an attempt to upgrade equipment on Topanga Canyon Boulevard for which no permits had been granted. His quick actions led to the new equipment being removed immediately by the engineers who were unable to provide the appropriate legal documents. Upgrades to the power lines have already taken place on Old Topanga Canyon (increasing the voltage from 4,000 to 16,000 volts), which will facilitate the increased power needs of 5G technology. This has already led to adverse symptoms for some residents due to the increased Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation emitted by the power lines alone. FIRE RISK Telecom engineers have recently raised concerns about significant overheating risks of the 5G equipment, which is poorly understood and under-researched. As our canyon is a high-risk fire area, we simply cannot afford to have this volatile equipment anywhere near our neighborhood. WHAT CAN WE DO? As residents, we need to demand that our local officials step in to address these safety concerns. However, we are also the ‘boots on the ground’ who must remain vigilant to the installation of illegal equipment by stealth. We are asking for volunteers to display signs in their yards to help raise awareness of this issue. • Here are some things you can do to protect our canyon: • If you see work being done, request to see the building permits. If these can’t be provided, ask them to cease the installation until such documents can be shown. • Take “before” photos of the existing equipment on poles in your area and note any changes with “after” photos. • Display one of our signs in your yard or driveway to warn others. • If you are concerned about equipment installation in your area, contact 5G Free California for more information. We all need to work together as a community to ensure that our canyon remains safe for humans and wildlife, is protected from increased fire risk, retains its natural beauty, and is free from illegally installed hazardous equipment. Formore information and to sign up to our email list, attend our regular monthly meetings, get useful information and advice, and learn more about how you can help us to keep our canyon safe: https://5gfreecalifornia.org. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

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July 24, 2020