A Special Visit

Amy Weisberg, M.Ed., NBCTBy Amy Weisberg, M.Ed., NBCT      June 11, 2021

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A Special Visit
PHOTO BY AMY WEISBERG Superintendent Beutner posed with Canyon Siracusa
On Wednesday, June 2nd, Topanga Elementary Charter School had a special visitor, LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner! Having met him a few times, I extended the invitation to visit our amazing school and though his schedule is incredibly busy as he completes his time with LAUSD, he made time for a quick visit.
PHOTO BY AMY WEISBERG Superintendent Beutner posed with Romi Kaldes
Austin Beutner’s time with LAUSD has gone from the rocky beginning of a teacher strike to the incredible responsibility of guiding our schools through a global pandemic. Through his leadership, he enabled our district to not only educate our students through many months of distance learning, but to the safe return to campus. Through negotiations with the United Teachers of Los Angeles, we have been able to safely return to in-person teaching, finishing our school year with much needed togetherness for those able to return in person.
PHOTO BY AMY WEISBERG Superintendent Beutner posed with Principal Kevin Kassebaum
Austin Beutner also spearheaded the district’s meal program, which fed students and families beginning in March of 2020. He arranged for Chromebooks or iPads for all students and the technology to support distance learning. As we returned to school, we have been provided with additional custodial support and weekly Covid testing. Currently, vaccinations are being offered at some high schools for those eligible (12+).
PHOTO BY AMY WEISBERG Superintendent Beutner posed with Kindergarten teacher Amy Weisberg, who set up the visit.
Superintendent Beutner talked to my students as they worked on their “body aprons” during our science lesson taught by science teacher Ms. Benor. The children were happy to show off their knowledge of body organs! We were so glad he could stop by to see our school and I was especially excited for him to see my transitional kindergarten / kindergarten classroom and playground, and to meet my students!
Amy Weisberg, M.Ed., NBCT
      June 11, 2021

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