Anthony Marrone Named FD Acting Chief

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Anthony Marrone Named FD Acting Chief
Following the retirement of Fire Chief Daryl L. Osby, the LA Board of Supervisors has appointed Fire Chief Anthony C. Marrone to serve as Acting Fire Chief over the County of Los Angeles Fire Department, effective August 1. Chief Marrone steps into the role with previous experience serving in the same capacity during his predecessor’s leave of absence in 2021. For 36 years he has established a career that combines broad experience in both emergency and business operations with an extensive list of accomplishments and assigments, in addition to managing special projects and Business Operations. Chief Marrone has also directly managed routine and complex wildland fires and other significant all-risk incidents. Chief Marrone will lead one of the largest and most diverse fire departments in the world, providing traditional and non-traditional fire and life safety services to more than 4.0 million residents and communities in 60 cities and 122 unincorporated areas served by the Department within its 2,311-square-mile service area. The Department operates out of 177 fire stations, with just over 5,000 emergency responders and business professionals operating within an annual budget of $1.4 billion. In addition, the Fire Department provides ocean lifeguard, 9-1-1 dispatch, health hazardous materials, and forestry services throughout the County. To support firefighters, lifesaving equipment, and our transformational community education programs, and if you wish to donate and learn more:
For the Record

As much as Maryana Palmer appreciated the mention of the premier of her award-winning documentary, Invisible Children of LA, there are two important corrections to be made and new information about the fundraiser mentioned in the article, which had to be postponed due to a COVID scare.
First, Palmer is a psychotherapist not a psychiatrist.

Second, the film never had a premier of the early short version and was not shown at the Topanga Film Institute or Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum. “We did have a short version that was entered in film festivals and won 10 international awards,” said Palmer, and what is worth saying once, is worth saying again: “We finally completed our final version in spring of this year 2022, which premiered at the Marina del Rey Film Festival and won “Best Documentary, Audience Choice” award, as well as the awards mentioned in the article.

Unfortunately, the July 23 screening and fundraiser at the Emerson Unitarian Church was canceled and postponed to Saturday August 13th, at 7:30 p.m., so you have time to plan your outing to see the film. The church is located at 7304 Jordan Avenue in Canoga Park and Tony Selvage will perform classical world music A Q&A follows the screening. Tickets are $15-$30 but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

For more information about the film and to donate to the cause, please visit
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August 5, 2022

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