Back to the Beach Cleanup

By The TECS News Team
By TECS News Team

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Back to the Beach Cleanup
Photos by Kathleen Beegle Students, parents, and friends helping to keep Topanga Beach clean.
It’s been a busy month at Elementary Charter School (TECS). As construction continues on campus and students are able to go mask-free for outdoor activities, a number of other fun and important happenings are afoot. Students, parents, and friends showed up on Sunday, March 6 for the second Topanga Beach clean-up. Following on the success of our cleanup in September during California Coastal Cleanup month, more than 40 TECS students, family and friends came with buckets, trash grabbers, and smiles to help keep nothing but sand on Topanga Beach. Cigarette butts, bottles, plastic wrappers big and small, countless small Styrofoam pieces, and more were collected from the beach and hillside. “My family and I spend a lot of time at Topanga Beach. I love to swim and play here. It is great to be part of this clean-up with my friends. Even my teacher and our principal are here!” exclaimed third grader Alex Sapron. Fourth grade dad Chris Pernin said, “This is a great way to give back and enjoy a morning at the beach.” The beach clean-up had a special guest visit the event. A founding member of the Topanga Trash Warriors, Joseph Rosendo stopped by to cheer on the students. After completing his regular early Sunday morning picking up trash on Topanga Canyon Boulevard, he stopped by still wearing his orange vest and rooted on the TECS effort. The kids of TECS thank those amazing Topanga Trash Warriors for their weekly efforts to keep the canyon clean. The Topanga beach clean-up is part of the science enrichment programs supported by Topanga Enrichment Programs (TEP). These programs emphasize engaging the students for an appreciation of our natural resources and environmental stewardship by educating them in an outdoor learning laboratory. Looking for “Wild Things?” Now is the time to purchase tickets for the Wild Things Variety Show! This is going to be a spectacular event where TECS students will perform on the famous stage at Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum under our beloved oak trees. Dancing, singing, music, acting, comedy, magic, martial arts…the sky’s the limit! This event will showcase the many talents of our kids. It is also a TEP fundraiser to support visual and performing arts at our school. The show is organized by the amazing parents of the Topanga Elementary Visual and Performing Arts Committee (VAPA). Purchase tickets at: TECS is expanding! Under the state’s focus on universal early learning and expansion, children who turn five between September 2 and February 2 can enroll in the Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program for the 2022-2023 school year. This recently expanded birth date eligibility range is an exciting opportunity for parents and young kids to experience the exceptional early years education program. Principal, Kevin Kassebaum (aka “Principal K”), expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion. “I strongly support the TK program. We know that 90% of brain growth happens before kindergarten. This expansion is a great way to reach more young learners and we look forward to bringing more families into the TECS community as we build a robust elementary school program,” he said. Parents with kids in the TK program are also enthusiastic. “We are so happy with Topanga Elementary and Mrs. Weisberg, our daughter’s TK teacher. We felt the warmth of the school community the moment we stepped on the grounds. From the first day of school, Darla has felt like she belongs there. She comes home excited to share what she’s learned and all the fun she’s having with her friends. Her growth has been exponential! We feel that she will spend her elementary years there and enjoy every minute of it!” said parents Danita and Roland Menchel. TECS Auction. The largest annual fundraiser for Topanga Elementary is the Spring Auction. While we are still pondering the logistics and possibilities for a live event later this spring, one thing is certain: Topanga Elementary will be having an online auction filled with gift certificates to amazing local businesses, wonderful art, jewelry, time away at vacation homes, and more. TEP is seeking donations for the auction of gift certificates to local venues, a week at a vacation house in Mexico or Mammoth, master chefs to teach a fun cooking class. Donations are tax deductible and support making the school even more vibrant. To contribute, please contact the TEP team at Whether you are a parent at TECS or a community member who believes in the importance of quality public education, there are many ways to support enrichment activities at TECS. For example, if you visit, order with the code TOPANGAFRESH, to indicate that you want 10% of your purchase donated to Topanga Elementary Charter School. Those funds will help TEP support many enrichment activities at our school. Our children thank you!
TECS students Georgia Pernin, Ella Laramie, and Alex Sapron getting encouragement at the TECS beach clean-up from Topanga Trash Warrior Joseph Rosendo.

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March 18, 2022