Be FireWise

By Beth Burnam & Ryan Ulyate      May 13, 2022

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Be FireWise
The Los Angeles County Fire Department estimates that embers cause the ignition of at least 50 percent of homes that burn in wildfires.
Do your part to make your home less vulnerable to wildfire! By taking action long before a wildfire threatens, homeowners can address vulnerabilities by attending a one-hour Zoom webinar on Monday, May 16, and Wednesday, May 18, at 7 p.m., presented by the Topanga Canyon Fire Safe Council (TCFSC). As the Woolsey and Camp Fires have shown, embers, carried by strong winds, fly through the air and slam against [rain down on] vulnerable homes. Once homes ignite they create intense heat and more embers that then ignite other nearby homes. This turns what would be a fast-moving, wind-driven wildfire into an urban inferno, putting neighborhoods at risk and making it dangerous for vital first responders to enter the area. TCFSC co-presidents Beth Burnam and Ryan Ulyate, will describe simple steps to reduce the risk to homes from embers where you’ll learn about the newly designated “Zone 0,” the immediate five feet around your home and how this is now considered the most important of all the defensible space zones. With the drought in full force, there will be an abundance of dry vegetation and the potential for a destructive wildfire season. It is more important than ever for Topangans to take proactive steps to make their home, neighborhoods, and the entire community safer. Attending this webinar will count towards maintaining Topanga’s new FireWise USA® Community designation, which could lower your fire insurance bill! ( Please RSVP to to get your Zoom link.
      May 13, 2022

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