Brags & Blessings

Flavia PotenzaBy Flavia Potenza

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Brags & Blessings
Forgive us if we brag a little. Sarah Spitz, the Canyon Chronicle’s “Out & About” columnist, had her full review of the Odyssey Theater’s production of Elephant Shavings blown up as a lobby poster (with attribution to The Canyon Chronicle) and quoted in the program (above). Thank you, Sarah!
October 13, 2023 While we are acutely aware of Global chaos—the surprise attack on Israel, now called the Israel-Hamas war; earthquakes in Afghanistan, at press time estimated to have killed more than 2,400 people, and of course, Russia’s war on Ukraine—we are compelled to share the good news we see around us. To start, while we may call it a brag, Sarah’s reaction to the above photo and caption is relatively humble: “It’s really a thrill when someone thinks enough of your words to use them as a pull quote and then blows them up to poster size! It’s always a proud moment to see the paper’s and my name up on a wall!” On the opposite page 3, Sr. Reporter Annemarie Donkin’s coverage of the “plague of road racing” in the canyons has been a long-time coming as one of those intractable realities we live with. It’s not that law enforcement isn’t trying. When will it stop?! Read on. The Topanga Town Council (TTC) is addressing concerns among homeowners about a pending short-term rental (STR) ordinance, noting that “this is the first in what we anticipate will be multiple local discussion on this issue.” (Page 4) Likewise, the TTC is watching the California Department of Insurance (CDI) regarding coverage limits through a comprehensive Sustainable Insurance Strategy. (Page 5) Also on Page 5, Indigenous Peoples Day, established by President Biden in 2021, was celebrated on Monday, Oct. 9, alongside Columbus Day, which it could be on track to replace. A new gardening club, led by Master Gardener Sarah Priest who has an interest in DIY home gardens, along with a helping hand from Architect Hannah Wear, also a specialist in native plant propagation. It’s also “Adopt A Dog” month and get ready for the Topanga Swap Meet & Chili Cook-off. (all on Page 6) “Coffee & Soul” columnist & adroit storyteller with a message, Rabbi Mendy Piekarski relates how heartfelt prayer comes in many languages. (Page 7) Coming soon: Topanga Symphony’s first free concert of the season; TAC’s free theater; and a one-woman show (Pages 8-9). Sarah Spitz brings both theater and music into view (Page 10); and Paula La Brot, “All Things Considered” columnist, looks to future space explorers (Page 11). Yale Climate Connections ( provides a wealth of information on the many aspects of climate change and what is being done to meet the challenges. (Pages 12-13) “Israel is under attack. What can we do?” Rabbi Mendy Piekarski encourages you to “reach out to for suggestions for Mitzvahs (good deeds). “When Jews, wherever we may be, pray and strengthen our Mitzvah performance, increasing in G-dliness, positivity and kindness, the resulting intensified Divine benevolence helps those who need it most.” Each and every individual can make a difference.”
Flavia Potenza

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October 13, 2023