Calabasas Leads on Clean Power

The Canyon ChronicleBy The Canyon Chronicle      February 5, 2021

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Calabasas Leads on Clean Power
Calabasas, one of the original member cities of the Clean Power Alliance votes 100% Renewable Energy for Homes and Businesses The Calabasas City Council enthusiastically voted 4-1 to approve the city’s moving from its current Clean Power Alliance (CPA) member 36% renewable energy tier to 100% renewable energy tier on January 27. Upon implementation, the monthly energy bill will increase 7-11% for residents and businesses. The benefit is they will be using clean energy, solar, and wind power instead of the current 64% dirty energy power mix that includes the most dangerous greenhouse gas: methane from natural gas. This is, to date, the single most important action Calabasas has taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change, joining with a strong regional push that has Southern California leading the country. Calabasas has a long history of environmental stewardship and policy action. The Clean Power Alliance is an innovative locally operated electricity provider serving Los Angeles and Ventura counties which offers clean renewable energy at competitive rates across 32 SoCal communities. Calabasas joins 14 other municipalities enrolled in 100% renewable energy, including its neighbors Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and most recently, Agoura Hills (effective Oct. 2021). More than 25 Calabasas residents, including several high school students and seniors who mentioned grandchildren, spoke in support of the 100% tier during the virtual meeting. No member of the public spoke against it. “This was the most robust policy discussion we’ve had since the arrival of the pandemic,” said Calabasas Mayor pro Tem Mary Sue Maurer, who put the item on the agenda. “It was inspiring to see Calabasas residents engage in local politics and for the Council to feel strongly supported in taking this important step towards reducing deadly carbon emissions.” CPA Executive Director, Ted Bardake explained that residents or businesses struggling due to the COVID-19 economic crisis could be eligible for CPA’s financial assistance programs, including its COVID-19 Relief Program, and that customers enrolled in low-income programs would not be charged more for the cleanest power. The effort was led by Maurer and Councilmembers David Shapiro and newly elected Peter Kraut. Both Maurer and Councilmember Alicia Weintraub raised specific concerns about financial impact on customers and essential outreach to ensure everyone would know what is coming and their choices for changing tiers. The tier change will go into effect as of October 2021. Calabasas Parents, Youth & Neighbors for Climate & Environmental Protection is a newly formed coalition created by locals Andy Shrader and Monica Parmar to support legislative policy action in the city, county and state. For more information about the Clean Power Alliance: For CPA financial assistance: cleanpoweralliance. org/covid-19-resources
The Canyon Chronicle
      February 5, 2021

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