Let’s Create Sweet Memories for 2022

Flavia PotenzaBy Flavia Potenza      February 4, 2022

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Let’s Create Sweet Memories for 2022
Photo by Jamie Sutherland Mimi Jaffe, an avid mermaid collector, has beautiful sirenas wishing her “Happy 100.”
Let’s Create Sweet Memories for 2022 What sort of year do you think we’ll be looking at this time next year? It’s bound to be a rowdy year with contentious mid-term elections coming up. Put that in the “I Don’t Know But I’m Worried” column. Depending on your politics, that could end up in the Very Bad For “Democracy and Life As We Know It” column, or the “Great! We’ve Got Trump Back As President” column. Fire season is always with us so that can go in the “Extremely SevereVery Bad” column and includes earthquakes. COVID has been exterminated! goes in the much hoped for “WE’RE ALIVE And Booking Tickets For A World Tour!” column. You get the Drift. This is a suggestion that we control the things we can and fill up the “Good to Great” columns and see where we are at come year’s end. Mimi Jaffe, Chronicle columnist Paula LaBrot’s mother, turned 100 on January 30 (Page 15) surrounded by her loving and beloved by her,family. The photo (above) is an example of creating sweet memories like decorating the grounds with things Mimi loves (like mermaids) and populating the event with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. On the same day, Julian Himmel turned three with a visit from Spiderman, a truckful of donuts, and a party with friends in the park! That’s a day he’ll never forget (Page 6). And...even I still have birthdays...like, TODAY! And plan to celebrate all month (You read it here!). According to Kait Leonard, February, the shortest month of the year, is jam-packed with opportunities for good fun, also on Page 6. Want to put a little music in your memories? Meet Miles Erickson and his new column, Long Distance Listening Party, illustrated by himself. We’re looking forward to more of his graphics, too. (Page 7) Pablo Capra presents Part 1 in a series about the historical owners of “The Stone House,” now owned and occupied by Ed O’Neill, Topanga Historical Society president. (Page 8-9) On Pages 10-11, see how our teachers and students at Topanga Elementary School are “Walking the Walk”—So proud of them. You will want to read our columnists, too, in fact, many read them first: All Things Connected on Page 12 and My Corner of the Canyon on Page 13. Women In Charge spotlights Topanga resident and entrepreneur, Physician Assistant Jane Hammond (P-AC). She took charge when she recognized the need for the women she treats in her practice, who often suffer from the effects of menopause; so she created a solution (Page 15). Saving the Best of the Best ‘till last, Mimi Jaffe. Happy Birthday, Mimi! Let’s revisit the year in our final issue of 2022, December 23. Now, get to work!
Flavia Potenza
      February 4, 2022

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