COVID Cover-ups for the Holidays

By Kait Leonard
Kait LeonardBy Kait Leonard      November 27, 2020

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COVID Cover-ups for the Holidays Someone was having fun with “found object” masks: Paper bags with a cut-out, plastic-wrap window; half a clear plastic water bottle shield; a plastic tub head covering; and half a grapefruit?
Ho Ho Ho! ‘Tis the season to find those stocking stuffers—pandemic style. As the holiday season revs up, it’s time to start searching for those goodies that fill the Christmas stockings. The usual little doo-dads are certainly available in all the usual places. The grocery store has travel size cosmetics and toiletries. Small toys, scented candles, and hair scrunchies jam the shelves at the Dollar store and your local big box store. Of course, not everyone’s leaving home to shop so there’s always the Amazon “Stocking Stuffers” tab, which is broken down by price, recipient group, product category, and so on. But this is 2020, and it seems only right that our stocking contents should reflect our new reality: Masks. They are here to stay, at least for a good while, so why not add a little panache and fun to the holiday gift-giving experience with masks—Designer to DIY. Smile Masks: No, not the ones with goofy mouths printed on them. These are masks that let your natural smile shine through. Everyone has had the experience of interacting with someone covered from forehead to chin with mask and sunglasses. How frustrating is it to be completely blocked from reading facial cues? Smile masks have clear plastic across the mouth area, allowing people to see your expression, and even better for people who rely on lip and face reading for communication. Art Masks: Websites like Redbubble ( and Zazzle ( offer unique masks created by independent designers. If you have to cover your face, you may as well drape it in art and support an artist in the process. Zazzle even has the option for custom designs. Do you have a photo or drawing that you’ve been wanting to display? How about hanging it on a loved one’s face? Mask Mints: So. We all now know what our own breath smells like, and that makes mints the perfect stocking stuffer. Even if your loved ones aren’t big on garlic, it’s still probably better to breathe in some minty freshness. Of course, any brand will work, but there really are a couple of options beyond TicTacs, called “Mask Mints.” One promises to protect you “against your own breath.” Maskne Spray: Yep, maskne is a thing. The medical name for it is acne mechanica. Football players get it from wearing helmets. Now, it’s non-helmet-wearing people whose skin is breaking out from wearing masks. Hope, however, in the form of Maskne spray, comes to the rescue with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Simply spritz your face, allow your skin to dry, and then mask-up without fear! Your complexion will be restored to its pre-pandemic smoothness. Nighttime Lip Mask: Along with musty breath, maskne, and the inability to communicate emotions, masks also cause chapped lips. This occurs because the fabric of our masks sucks the moisture right out of us, and we’re not able to use lipsticks and lip balms throughout the day to replenish it. Bring on the nighttime lip treatment. Many people already use intensive overnight moisture treatments on their faces and several enterprising companies now offer similar products to help restore our perfect pouts. During the day, use it with a smile mask to show off that pout…or maybe even a smile. DIY MASKS It’s amazing how many people are making their own masks and even they have improved, now that we know how to make them for greater protection. The Crafter’s Mask: What’s your crafting specialty? The sky’s the limit and these can be seriously effective protection while being a one-of-a-kind fashion statement unique to you. The Mask Ad: Got something to sell? Instead of a T-shirt, put it on a mask with links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Photo by Kait Leonard One cozy hearth and home
Kait Leonard
      November 27, 2020

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