Deer Killed by Hit and Run Driver

The Canyon ChronicleBy The Canyon Chronicle      July 10, 2020

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On Sunday, June 14, at approximately 7:15 a.m., a Caltrans maintenance supervisor was traveling southbound on Topanga Canyon Blvd, State Route 27 when he saw a dead buck on the northbound side of the boulevard south of Cheney Drive. “He pulled over and called members of a Caltrans crew to drive to the location in a truck with a “lift gate” to pick up and transport the carcass,” wrote Michael Comeaux, Public Information Officer, Caltrans—District 7. “Then the Caltrans maintenance supervisor continued on his way.” Later that day, according to Comeaux, the supervisor spoke with the crew members. They told him they went to the location and the carcass was not there. They felt they were at the right location because they found a pool of blood. “So Caltrans did not pick up the carcass,” Comeaux said. “I have no information about who picked it up.” The question is, who took the buck’s carcass?
The Canyon Chronicle
      July 10, 2020

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