Elon Musk’s Space X is Target of Stop 5G International Protests

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Elon Musk’s Space X is Target of Stop 5G International Protests
COURTESY OF STOP 5G INTERNATIONAL College Student Amber Yang (holding two signs), led a group of children to SpaceX headquarters to deliver an Open Letter to Elon Musk.
Dozens of Topanga residents braved rush hour traffic on Friday March 19th to join the 5G satellite protest outside SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne. The spirited gathering included people from many walks of life, all sharing a deep concern about what SpaceX’s satellite program will do to the planet. As part of the events of the day, Amber Yang, a young college student from Stop 5G International, led a small group of children to SpaceX headquarters to hand-deliver an Open Letter to Elon Musk, which has gathered more than 8,000 signatures. The letter called for an immediate halt to SpaceX’s satellite program due to inadequate assessment of the impacts on human health and the environment. The letter asks: “Do we really want to build learning gardens at our schools that will be pollinated with robotic bees? Do the oceans and Antarctica and all rainforests and wildlife preserves really need the Internet? Do the immutable stars in the unchanging heavens really need competition from ten thousand or more moving lights? We believe in something better. For us. For our children. For insects and for all of life.” SpaceX guards did not accept the letter. Beyond satellites, Elon Musk also has dreams to build a settlement on Mars. Protestors feel that the trillions of dollars being poured into the race to space, be it for dominion, commercial advantage or to inhabit Mars, would more wisely be spent for programs to address world hunger, pollution, and climate change here on Earth. 5G/satellite opponents prefer to call themselves Safe Technology advocates as they believe there are enormous benefits from technology if used safely and wisely. Recognizing that the industry-cultivated demand for 24/7 wireless data harvesting is unnecessary, unhealthy, unsustainable, and a breach of privacy, Safe Technology advocates encourage wired connections for most internet and telecommunications use, reserving wireless for emergencies and essential services not possible through wires.
COURTESY OF STOP 5G INTERNATIONAL College Student Amber Yang (holding two signs), led a group of children to SpaceX headquarters to deliver an Open Letter to Elon Musk.
The protest was organized by a number of national and international Safe Technology and Environmental organizations, including Topanga’s own 5G Free California. Protesters called for a halt to SpaceX’s planned 42,000 satellites and their millions of recently approved earth-based User Terminals—essentially mini 5G wireless cell towers.

Objections include depletion of the ozone layer; pollution from rocket launches and “dead” satellites burning up in the atmosphere (satellites have a life span of only five years); accumulation of space debris and likely satellite collisions; a huge increase in already dangerous levels of radiation; the risk of devastating cyberattacks; more tracking and further erosion of privacy; huge increases in energy consumption and our e-footprint to manufacture, use, and dispose of the satellites, antennas and all “things,” devices and applications they support; escalation of mining for conflict minerals, which has already caused the death of five to six million people in the Congo; interference with astronomical research and weather forecasting; permanent compromise of the night sky; and effects on wildlife and human physical and mental health.

Worst of all, SpaceX satellites are destined to play an integral role in the weaponization of space and in furthering the interests of the recently formed U.S. Space Force to gain “dominion over space” for weaponization and commercial exploitation.

“Elon Musk has received nearly a billion of our tax dollars in subsidies along with numerous contracts with the military, though he is among the richest people on earth, and is requesting billions more,” says Julie Levine, founding member of 5G-Free California.

Bruce Gagnon from the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, remarked in a Letter of Support read at the SpaceX protest, “The Pentagon knows that faster speeds from 5G will enable greater space surveillance, targeting, and offensive military operations as a result.” Karl Grossman, professor of journalism, author, broadcaster, and member of the Beyond Nuclear board of directors warns, “Weapons in space have historically been justified as necessary for ‘defensive’ purposes. But that all changed on May 15, 2020, when Trump, while unveiling the Space Force flag, declared: ‘Space is going to be...the future, both in terms of defense and offense [emphasis added].”

The Guardian reported on March 10, 2021, that many people in Indonesia were angry because Papua Island was being considered for a SpaceX launch pad. According to Biak Island residents this would devastate the Island’s ecology, and many would be displaced from their homes. Papua is rich in copper and nickel, important metals for both rockets and Tesla batteries. According to JATAM, a coalition of Indonesian environmental organizations, “expanded mining there will escalate deforestation, pollute a proposed Unesco marine world heritage site, and endanger the health of local people.”

The people of A’Mhoine Peninsula in Sutherland, Scotland are also contesting a launching pad on its unique and fragile habitat of the blanket bog, a designated area of conservation for its ability to sequester carbon dioxide. Other launch sites are planned elsewhere on pristine land masses.

Julie Levine asks, “Do we really want to allow one man’s actions and aspirations to dictate the future of us all, or should our future emerge from the collective will of all life?”

Topanga residents and other readers of The Canyon Chronical are encouraged to sign the Open Letter to Elon Musk, and to speak out at the Topanga Town Council and with all of our elected officials in opposition to these satellites, 4G/5G ground antennas and infrastructure.

Please also consider http://5gfreecalifornia.org/ and subscribing to updates from stop5ginternational.org. For more information, call (310) 455-9389.
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