Final Farewells

Flavia PotenzaBy Flavia Potenza

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Final Farewells
Clockwise, from top left: Greg Humphries, Lamar Hawkins, Leslie Doolin, Arthur Nissman, Henry Smith, Frank Kelly
As if global chaos, murder and heartbreak weren’t enough, all the while seeping into our bucolic little village and casting a pall over many of us, the recent passing of some of our iconic Topanga friends and family have brought a melancholy shadow closer to home. Most of those who are now gone from our sight, lived out the full days of their lives, for which we are grateful, but it doesn’t mollify the sadness we bear at their loss. We, who are left behind may dwell in our memories that often bring comfort, but as sweet as they can be and even though they may bring laughter, our sense of loss and the tears they bring are ours to bear. As we carry that burden, it is also ours to pray for their souls and acknowledge the blessings they brought to our lives while they were with us. In community, together in the spirit that is Topanga, we can find comfort and rise in our given time to dwell in the universal spirit of love and overcome the dark adversity that afflicts us — and the world — now.
Speaking of adversity, troubles on the home front may have delayed distribution of The Canyon Chronicle but it continues to appear in your mailboxes and, if not at your door, then in businesses and other points throughout the canyon.
Life goes on.

On this page and on Page 4, we acknowledge the request by Jim Hawkins and their daughter, Caitlin, to extend the invitation to Lamar Hawkins’ memorial service this Sunday, Nov. 12.

Also on Page 4, is a report by Senior Reporter Annemarie Donkin that addresses rumors about the Post Office closing.

The Topanga Actors Company is presenting Part 2 of their Short-Play Festival on Nov. 18-19. (Page 5). Part 1 last weekend played to a full house at the library and will, I suspect, do so again. How the actors, still “on book,” in that small space, performing practically on top of the audience, make everything disappear into the story is a testimony to them and producer/director Judith Hendra.

Pages 6 and 7, once again proclaim the importance of the Topanga Town Council (TTC). Boring, you say? Read it anyway. Then contribute your time and money.

We love the stories from Topanga Elementary Charter School (TECS), TEP president Pete Samson brings a recap of the Fangtastic Halloween Carnival full of happy memories for all. (Pages 8-9)

Thankfully, our columnists never stop and we have post-Halloween/pre-Thanksgiving treats with a one-woman performance of The Wizard of Oz, reviewed by Sarah Spitz (Page 10); musings on “Tech and War” from Paula LaBrot (Page 11); and “Letting the River Flow” from Kathie Gibboney’s My Corner of the Canyon.

We’ve also invited author and dog-lover (to put it mildly) Susan Hartzler, to contribute. Her Australian Shepherds are the loves of her life. Together they seek out dog-friendly adventures. This time, it’s the wineries of San Luis Obispo. (Page 13)
Events on Page 14 include West Basin Water District’s Rain Barrels Giveaway. As many as two per person! Go get ‘em and get ready for the rains.
Flavia Potenza

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November 10, 2023