Finding Home

Flavia PotenzaBy Flavia Potenza

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Finding Home
photo by flavia potenza An early morning shadow whisked overhead and manifested as this egret who found an accommodating rest stop along its migration route.
It’s been almost three months since the U.S. withdrew troops from Afghanistan amidst chaos and criticism. It has fallen out of the 24-hour news cycle but presents occasional coverage as Taliban rulers try to figure out how they want to govern as a medieval theocracy in a country of more than 40 million people who have had had a taste of democracy during the past 20 years. The autocratic hammer has begun, yet again, to descend on girls and women who are banned from secondary education. Many men and women remain whose lives and those of their families are in peril because of their connection to the U.S. and continue to seek escape from their country. On pages 8-9, “Fleeing Afghanistan: Sahar’s Journey,” is Sahar Rezai’s first-hand account of her family’s escape to join millions of other refugees migrating through the global diaspora. The five-year journey led them to Switzerland, where the 19-year-old artist and poet is now free to pursue her art, although she still “feels a sense of homelessness.” Helen Denham conducted the interview and has set up a website ( to share more of Sahar’s journey, view more of her art, and make a donation if so inclined. At our home in Topanga, we are headlining the news this issue with the Topanga Historical Society’s celebration of Rose Wiley’s 90th birthday (pages 4-5), as the theme for the Society’s post-pandemic annual picnic. Senior reporter Annemarie Donkin covered the gathering of about 150 people, delighted to celebrate Topanga’s beloved matriarch and each other. Halloween is on Sunday and some diehards in our neck of the woods are determined to decorate and celebrate with caution. Dia de los Muertos is on Monday, November 1, when it is believed that the veil between the world of the living and the dead thins, allowing spirits to return to the material world. Kait Leonard lifts the veil on this cultural festival with recommendations for events such as the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. They are hosting their 20th celebration on November 2 from noon to midnight with a guiding theme of the Monarch butterfly and the Mexican state of Michoacán where they migrate in the winter. (page 6). Eric Fitzgerald returns with the Fernwood Rain Report (page 7)and Kait’s Astrology column resumes for November (page 13). Think BIG! The holidays are upon us! To those who haven’t yet, get vaxxed and be a superspreader of joy!
Flavia Potenza

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October 29, 2021