Fire concerns from homeless encampments

Dianne PorchiaBy Dianne Porchia      July 23, 2021

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Recently, when I was hiking the back trail to Café 27 from my house off Artique, I came across a homeless encampment underneath the big magic oak tree located off the trail leading down to Topanga Canyon Boulevard from the Ridgeline Field of Dreams location. The hiking trail is on the east side of the Boulevard office at 1901 N. Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Topanga, CA. Earlier this week I also spotted a homeless person staging their stuff at the entrance to Edelmann State Park. With so many fires in our hot weather, should we all be concerned about potential fires inadvertently started by homeless encampments? I reported this to Lost Hills sheriff station but I do not know if they will go out and take a look. — Dianne Porchia
Dianne Porchia
      July 23, 2021

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