Following Juneteenth Protests Continued in DTLA

T.E. ZeriBy T.E. Zeri      July 10, 2020

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Following Juneteenth Protests Continued in DTLA
Photo by Eleanor Zeri
“Keep the momentum going,” is what organizers said the day before, so that’s what L.A. protesters did. Many more protests erupted after Juneteenth throughout L.A., and in each city. The Canyon Chronicle found one of the more sedate protest sites, but the message was strong. At 3;30 p.m., when the train from the NoHo station to downtown L.A. (DTLA) stopped near City Hall, there were no cars in the street and no people walking along the sidewalk. DTLA was a ghost town. Across the lawn from City Hall there was a sit-in tent city. Sidewalks were spray painted with, “No justice! No peace!” When asked how long they were there for, the residents said, “Two weeks.” When asked for how long, they replied, “As long as it takes.” Signs were strung up; one said, “KKK was the first Police System in the USA. Source: Kappeler. 2014.” Coming up on the encampment, power to the people was inescapably clear: “What Do We Want? Change!”
Photo by Eleanor Zeri
A stencil of a man lying where he died represented the classic chalk-marked silhouette of a man, all that is left after the body is removed by the coroner. The silhouette had three red dots, signifying bullet holes. Written above his head were the words, “It’s not a trend.”

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T.E. Zeri
      July 10, 2020

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