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In the ’70s, we used to call Topanga “Dog Town” because everyone had dogs, usually in multiples. While Topanga’s residents have changed over the years, over the centuries, in fact, one thing hasn’t changed: It’s still “Dog Town.” It’s not that we don’t have cats and other animals; they’re just not as visible as our dogs. So here are a few dog stories that explain everything about why we love dogs and they love us. We have one more Dog Days issue on August 19. Send a photo and a few words by August 12, and you’re in:
Miley’s Motto: Take every moment one day at a time and live it to the fullest.
Smiley Miley
My heart was lost when I lost my old doggie
Looked and looked through shelters to see
Now Smiley Miley’s the one for me
A Golden lab with personality
Found her on Craig’s List, a surprise to me.
What joy a Lab pup, so wiggly, can be
A Christmas gift
That gave me a lift.
Took years to find that special one,
Now, as if planned, the search was done.
I lost my Mother, let the tears flow,
Miley licked them away, how did she know?
She brought happiness in days full of sorrow
Now we live our days with no thought of tomorrow.
Dogs bring love to our heart, but when they leave, they tear it apart.
Now Miley is eight and this is her fate,
To bring love and laughter until the hereafter.

—Pamela Mesaros
For Livvie, home is wherever Mama Katie is and vice versa.

While I was recently recovering from a major medical debacle (Really Bad!), all I could think about was getting back to my street in Topanga and walking my faithful pup, Livvie. Well, it took two years, but we finally made it. So, when people say, “I always see you walking your dog,” in a way that’s sometimes not so polite, I just smile because I know we’re right where we want to be.

—Katie Dalsemer
Bono, bitty but brave like his dad when confronted with a mountain lion.
Bono Meets the Mountain Lion

Hi, I’m Bono, your friendly Topanga neighbor! My dad, the rock star and singer, Jules, adopted me from Bakersfield when I was eight weeks old and told me, “He was gonna show me the world!” Since that first day, we’ve explored up and down the west coast and we love living in Topanga! We recently encountered a huge and beautiful mountain lion at Big Rock (between Red Rock and Zuniga) and dad told me to back up slowly. After the mountain lion followed us for a few minutes, he stopped–then we got home safe! Luckily, dad carries a bear horn and a walking stick to help keep us protected. My dad and I have the same birthday March 15 (Ides of March), so that’s cool :). My dad, Jules, wrote a dance song about the mountain lion called, “Daylight,” and I’ll be starring in the music video in a couple months. Keep a lookout! My one piece of advice for new pups out there: Get to the beach! See ya around town!

—Bono & Dad, Jules Gerard
Milo King has a thing about socks.
Milo King

My name is Georgia and my wife and I wanted to submit our dog, Milo, for your Dog Days celebration. Milo King is one of the newest residents of Topanga. He moved here June 1st, 2022, with his two moms, Nina and Georgia King. Fully grown at 10 pounds, he’s also one of the smallest canine residents, although what he lacks in size he makes up for in heart. Milo loves hiking and sunbathing. In his free time, he enjoys eating snacks and hiding socks around the house.

Thanks so much for all that you do!!

—Georgia & Nina
Starshep knows when whole-body hugs, kisses and licks are in order.
Starshep Sensibility

Chris and I sensed it was time to try a rescue. We visited a few, but it was Daisy’s Adopt a Pet photo when I sensed this was our dog. The previous owners could not keep her. She was shy and anxious yet sensed we offered protection. Chris was doubtful until he took her for a walk where she had the good sense to calm down and press against his knee. We took her to lunch nearby where she behaved as if we’d done it for years. People are drawn to her sweetness, and she senses those who need a lick. Renamed Starshep, she is the most loving dog ever. When her former owner, a nurse caring for COVID patients, said getting masks was hard, I broke down sobbing. Starshep hugged me and licked the tears. It’s great to have a beautiful soul to lick your sadness away.

—Sarah Baisley & Chris Hartz
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August 5, 2022

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