From the Sublime to the Downright Cranky

Flavia PotenzaBy Flavia Potenza

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From the Sublime to the Downright Cranky
Aurora Behrman, 9, surfed, swam, raced, and boogie boarded her way to becoming a certified Junior Lifeguard this summer (Page 5). One highlight of the whole experience was learning to surf because that’s where, she says, she made new friends. Thanks to the L.A. County Fire Department for creating this program (in 1963) that makes our kids safer in the sea.
SCE’s Undergrounding project that came to a halt in 2015, just as the crossover was about to complete it, is now scheduled to begin in the Topanga Town Center on Sepember 10 (Page 4). Celebrate with us the accomplishments of a couple of Topanga Kids. Aurora Behrman, 9, completed Jr. Lifeguard training this summer. She aced it, of course (Page 5). Biko Wright, son of local realtor Adrian Wright, and L.A. County Sheriff Tui Wright (ret.), tested his considerable survival skills as a contestant on the A&E History Channel’s eighth season of Alone, coming in second (Pages 8-9). Local Arts organizations are moving forward. The Topanga Canyon Gallery is literally moving...across the street from Pine Tree Circle to137 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd., formerly Abuelita’s restaurant, remodeled into offices by owners Leslie and Steve Carlson (Page 13). City Hearts: Kids Say YES to the Arts is also on the move as founders Sherry and Bob Jason look to the future with new board members coming up. Meet them on page 14.
Recall the Recall!
It has to be said, goshdarnit! The California Recall is a blight on election politics and in my cranky opinion, voting No! on this one is a no-brainer. I’m grateful that Joel Bellman is “rudely interrupting”(Page 6) us and adding some clarity to the process and why it needs to change, if it stays at all.

Thanks for letting me vent. One can’t stay cranky all the time, although it’s hard not to, what with all the bad news these days. It’s a relief that Topanga is so full of good news to share.
Flavia Potenza

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September 3, 2021