Halloween on Bonnell Drive

Flavia PotenzaBy Flavia Potenza      November 11, 2022

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Halloween on Bonnell Drive
Kris Lilliedahl (left) never thought that he would be on call every two or four hours feeding a newborn kitten, but here he was on Halloween not handing out treats because they were busy holding the now 8-week old Cinder, a pure black kitty who is inseparable from his “Daddy.” That goes both ways. The story of Cinder’s arrival went something like this: Carmen found him, showed him to Jane who said no, then to Aline, who said maybe, then asked Kris to kitty-sit, gave him formula and a syringe, and left to pick up her son from school. Kris’s wife, Kimmy, said, “Oh, no, you don’t,” but when Aline returned to take the kitten for the night, Kris had already named him and, anyway, it was time to feed Cinder, and that’s okay, “I’ll keep him for the night.” And forever after. Needless to say, Cinder was the real treat of the evening for the trick or treaters, who were more than praticed at snapping up treats and cuddling the best one of all, Cinder.
Flavia Potenza
      November 11, 2022

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