Happy New Year! We’re Off to a Good Start…Honest!

By Kait Leonard
Kait LeonardBy Kait Leonard

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Happy New Year! We’re Off to a Good Start…Honest!
Get ready to sing Auld Lang Syne and stick noise-makers in our mouths because January 2022 welcomes in a truly new energy. It’s been a heavy couple of years. But take heart. The energy will lighten as January gives us permission to come in from the heated public space to take care of our personal concerns. In addition, we have two New Moons this month, bringing us support for double the new possibilities. Finally, the nodes of the Moon are changing signs, ushering in a new cosmic period. As Saturn, the planet of the status quo, and Uranus, the planet of revolution, hang up their swords for a while, the energy of revolution calms down. In addition, we’re out of eclipse season, which means the profound changes they bring are already known to us. We can now take some time to make sense of everything we’ve been through and incorporate the resulting lessons into our lives. To begin to understand where change will occur, let’s start with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 2nd. (Look at your birth chart to see where this falls in your life. Birth charts can be found free online.) Capricorn is the sign of hard work and discipline. It’s also the sign of reaching great heights. Consider what you want to work on and set your goal. Aim high, but remember that Capricorn doesn’t give gifts, but he does reward hard work. Use the time of the New Moon to set an intention, then roll up your sleeves and dig in. Our second New Moon shines on January 31st in Aquarius, the sign of friendship and humanitarian causes. We’ve been through some dark times, but now it’s time to emerge into the light and consider the new world we want to inhabit. What do we want friendships to look like? What visionary causes do we want to be a part of? Set those intentions on the 31st. There’s a new world possible. Find your tribe and make it so! The Moon will be full on January 17th in nurturing Cancer. This is a powerful event because the Moon rules Cancer, so she is at home and ready to support you in very motherly ways. But Full Moons also bring completion. Are you ready to forgive someone? Maybe yourself? Is it time to let go of old drama or take the final steps to let old wounds heal? This Full Moon will encourage and protect us through these emotional events. Also related to the Moon is the big karmic shift of the Nodes changing signs. On January 18th the North Node moves into stubborn, loyal, practical Taurus and the South Node moves into intense, private, brooding Scorpio. They will stay in these signs for the next 18 months, and during this time we’ll be forced to work on the areas where they appear in our charts. We’ll move toward lives that are more comfortable and practical and away from the intensely emotional. But beware. Karmic letting go doesn’t always happen gently. All those private matters you’ve kept buried away. Yes those! You’ll be forced to let them surface and address them, but the payoff will be worth it. And just to keep us on our toes, Mercury and Venus will both be retrograde. Mercury reverses course on January 14th and turns direct on February 4th. The messenger planet will move backward through Aquarius, the sign of friendship and humanitarian causes, and back into Capricorn, the sign of ambition and hard work. Expect complications and miscommunications but also opportunities to reconsider and fine-tune previous decisions about friendships and how you want to serve humanity. Venus turned retrograde in December and continues backwards through Capricorn until January 29th. It’s time to rethink relationships and plans involving money or beautification projects. Capricorn supports us in making the adjustments necessary, so that when Venus goes direct, we can enact plans built on solid foundations. It’s been a rough couple of years primarily because of the hostility between Saturn and Uranus, but the times truly are changing. I know I’m ready to “take a cup o’ kindness” and enter 2022. Happy New Year!
Kait Leonard

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December 24, 2021