July Delivers Fireworks

Kait LeonardBy Kait Leonard

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July Delivers Fireworks
July opens with fiery Mars squaring off to power hungry Pluto. At the end of the month Mercury squares Mars, Uranus and the North Node. What fun? At least all the personal planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, are direct, and we’re out of eclipse season for a while, bringing some positive energy around the middle of the month. As we enter July, Mars has already formed its difficult square to Pluto. To up the intensity, the planet of aggression is in its home sign of impulsive Aries where he’s ready to act. Powerful Pluto remains in Capricorn, a sign of the status quo. On a personal level, we may find ourselves torn between a desire to change and the fear of releasing what’s known. We might feel like we’re at war with ourselves. Long-buried information could surface, and with Mars in the mix we might find ourselves lashing out. Globally, power struggles may intensify between older systems struggling to keep control and newer groups intent on dismantling it. Fortunately, this energy will pass by the 5th when Mars enters Taurus. Until then, be prepared for fireworks. On July 12th, more positive energy lights the sky when Venus in social Gemini makes a very harmonious aspect to Saturn. Venus loves love, and flirtatious friendships just might move to the next level because Saturn likes to get serious. In fact, this energy supports a deepening of all kinds of relationships. Not feeling the relationship vibe? Don’t despair. Venus rules beauty, art and money as well, so these areas of life could also take on more serious tones. This window closes on July 17th. July 13th brings a Full Moon in Capricorn. Find the sea goat in your birth chart and consider how this area of life would benefit from restructuring. What do you need to let go of? How can you rebuild your foundation so it supports your goals? The 13th is a good day to explore these ideas and set intentions for how you’ll build a solid foundation for your long-term plans. Get ready for your intuition and creative energy to kick into overdrive on the 17th. Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication is in Cancer holding hands with the Sun, the planet that represents our public presence and social status. But that’s not all. This powerful union makes a positive aspect to Neptune, the planet of intuition, spiritual oneness, and creativity. During this menage a trois, the energy will be supercharged for projects involving artistic pursuits and spirituality. But remember, Neptune can distort our vision, like we’re seeing things under water. In this case, the beams of the Sun should help us peer through any of Neptune’s illusions and make the most of this dynamic combination. The first week of July holds the most difficult energy of the month, but the ending holds a few explosions of its own. On the 28th Mercury forms a difficult aspect to both Uranus, the planet that likes to blow us out of our comfort zones in the most unexpected ways, and the North Node which aligns us with our destiny. Mercury, the ruler of thinking and communicating, is transiting fiery Leo. Uranus and the North Node are in comfortable Taurus. This could mean something unexpected shakes us out of our complacency and pushes us down the path toward our destiny. What lights the fuse on this particular bottle rocket? Probably our mouths. We might decide to speak our minds in that loud, proud Leo kind of way, setting off a string of unexpected events. Or it could just be that we get some bold ideas and decide to run with them. Whatever Mercurial things happen, havoc is bound to ensue. Just remember, the Nodes of the Moon help us align with our soul’s purpose. So, while these last fireworks might be a little jarring, try to find a way to collect yourself and go with the flow. The change will ultimately be beneficial. July comes in and goes out with a bang, but who doesn’t love a good Summer fireworks show? Let’s all sit back and Ooh and Ahh together.
Kait Leonard

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JUNE 24, 2022

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