Latest Confirmed Dates and Timeline for North Area Plan

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The final Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which identifies changes to the Santa Monica Mountains North Area Plan (SMMNAP) and Community Standards Districts (CSD) since the May 2020 draft, was posted on the project website on September 3 and is available for review. The final Regional Planning Commission Public Hearing is scheduled for October 7. “We are so excited to see the North Area Plan (NAP) coming to fruition,” said Kim Lamorie, President of the Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation (LVHF). “We look forward to seeing the NAP adopted and implemented. The LVHF thanks the LA County Department of Regional Planning for its exceptional work.”
North Area Plan Map
The North Area Plan’s primary role is to provide more focused policy for the regulation of development within the unincorporated area of the Santa Monica Mountains west of the City of Los Angeles and north of the Coastal Zone boundary, approximately 32 square miles, as part of the overall General Plan area of Los Angeles County.

The Santa Monica Mountains North Area Community Standards District implements a number of the goals and policies of the SMMNAP. It was approved by the Board in October 2001, became effective in September 2002, and has been amended four times since adoption: to add the Grading and Significant Ridgeline Ordinance in 2005, the Commercial Zoning Ordinance in 2007, the Fences, Walls, and Landscaping Ordinance in 2010, and the Vineyard Ordinance in 2015. (planning.lacounty.govsmmnap)
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September 4, 2020