Local Composer Wins ‘Best Score’ Award

The Canyon ChronicleBy The Canyon Chronicle      July 8, 2022

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Local Composer Wins ‘Best Score’ Award
Above: Poster for The Runner Right: Composer and filmmaker Matthew Ferraro proudly displays his “Best Score Short Film” award from the American Documentary and Animation Film Festival.
Composer and filmmaker Matthew Ferraro’s short documentary, The Runner, is beginning to run away with awards and invitations to other festivals. In April, the film was chosen to be one of the opening films at The American Documentary and Animation Film Festival in Palm Springs, where it was widely praised. It went on to premiere in June at the Marina del Rey Film Festival where the composer walked away with the award for Best Score Short Documentary Film, selected from about 300 film scores. The Runner is an inspiring film about a friend’s journey through mental health challenges that he overcomes through running and different psychological therapies to overcome his severe depression and anxiety. “I’m honored to receive the award,” Ferraro said. “We made the film to help my friend and to contribute to a healthier conversation around these issues. It’s an inspiring true story at a time when the need to address and destigmatize mental health has come to the world stage.”
The film continues to show in cities across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. by the BBC and Channel 4. Ferraro encourages filmgoers to look for the documentary in local theaters or streaming in the months ahead.

On August 15 The Runner has been accepted to the Au Contraire Film Festival in Montreal, Canada, celebrating 10 Years of Breaking Mental Health Stigma. The film shows again along with five other award-winning short documentary films Sept 28th, at the IPIC theatre in Westwood.
The Canyon Chronicle
      July 8, 2022

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