Love in the Age of AI

Paula LabrotBy Paula Labrot

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Love in the Age of AI
Want to find your perfect valentine? It is a quest as old as humanity. Most people want love more than anything. But how to find it? How to meet that soulmate? Well, guess what matchmaking companies can do with all the information about you they buy from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram? They can play Cupid by feeding your data into high-tech dating platforms that use powerful, fast, Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to find you a mate. AI is the modern-day Cupid, shooting its arrows across the internet into the hearts of millions of people around the globe in a way that matches people up who are, supposedly, totally suited for each other. What is Artificial Intelligence? AI is the ability of a computer program to learn and think, according to The more data about you that is input into an app, the more the program learns about you, and the more it is able to predict your responses and behavior. An essential technology within AI is called Machine Learning which means the more incoming data the program gets, the more it self-upgrades its ability to make good decisions for and about you. Machine Learning analyzes millions of data at an unbelievable speed and comes up with recommendations, predictions and patterns. reports, “AI-powered solutions bring hyper-personalization into the digital experience. Matchmaking functionality relies on Deep Learning algorithms, i.e., algorithms that develop flexibility based on every piece of data added in. AI provides advanced data search and analysis connecting the closest objects and can weigh... historical data to provide a right decision for your business, hobby, or soul.” AI tools learn from the choices that attendees make from both their current behavior and their past. Believe me, you have left a long, digital trail online, and AI software is powerful and fast enough to find and analyze it rapidly. reports, “There are over 1,500 dating apps and websites operating worldwide at the moment.” These companies sell access to software programs that are designed to find matching points, in this case, possible partners. They also sell access to “chatbots,” artificial intelligent personal assistants like Siri. These dating chatbots are totally aware of your profile information and can suggest strategies for dating, help you plan a date, suggesting everything from restaurants to activities or even coach shy or socially challenged users on how to carry on a conversation. Who Are the Major Players? Beth Daley, editor of, writes, “The online dating industry is worth more than $4 billion, and there are a growing number of players in this market. Dominating is the Match Group, which owns OkCupid, Match, Tinder, and 45 other dating-related businesses. Match and its competitors have accumulated a rich trove of personal data, which AI can analyze to predict how we choose partners.” Online matchmaking has its high-end and affordable end. According to Vida Select, a high-end matchmaking service, “Hiring a luxury matchmaking service is an investment, but one that can come with enormous benefits. A targeted search for matches who fit all the qualities you’re seeking in an ideal partner, not to mention a professional matchmaker to guide you through every step in the dating process, …these two factors alone are practically worth their weight in gold!” Kelleher International has 12-month contract packages from $25,000 for local searches, $45,000 for national searches and $150,00 for international searches. The Spindell Agency takes only men as clients. Yearly memberships range from $25,000 to $1 million dollars! Free services include Zoosk, Elite Singles, and eHarmony. Security Meeting a person online always has its potential security issues. It turns out that AI programs are pretty good at detecting fake or duplicitous users. The user creates their own profile for a matchmaking app, but AI is able to filter through and analyze that person’s total online history. And it can do it in minutes. Mobile dating apps often suffer from fraud, but Artificial Intelligence is a great trick to detect hidden patterns and suspicious activity. The algorithms filter fake and duplicate profiles, block them and fight scamming, according to Anahit Ghazaryan of Who is Using Matchmaking Apps? This is going to blow your mind. Ghazaryan says that, according to experts, by 2040, 70% of couples will initially meet online! Of course, we know the children of the digital age use these programs all the time. Millennials have grown up with matchmaking apps. Divorcees, widows, widowers, and singles of all types use this technology to meet potential partners. You know who else is a big user of matchmaking apps? Married people! Yep…anonymity, convenience, and escape add up to a whopping 30% of matchmaking site users. Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is a day to express your love and appreciation for the people in your life, whether they’re romantic partners, friends, family members, workmates and even for your pets! It is a great gift to find a place to hang one’s heart. However you find it, in person or in cyberspace, we wish everyone beautiful, authentic, compassionate love. Vamos a ver!
Paula Labrot

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February 18, 2022