Love thy Neighbor

By Pamela Mesaros      February 5, 2021

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As the pandemic continues and we face more stay-at-home orders, we find it difficult to just “get out.” Most of the time we order from Amazon or to-go from our local restaurants. I try and be a good neighbor and always offer a personal pick-up. Living in Topanga can be challenging at times, especially when it rains! We live up a dirt road at the top of the hill, so I always ask a neighbor or tenant if they might need something special from Trader Joes or the local specialty markets in town before I leave my sacred abode. I am happy to help whenever I can. Being a good neighbor and sharing our baked goods from time to time makes this a “Mr. Rogers” moment… “It’s A lovely Day in the Neighborhood.” (This is in response and a belated addition to “Acts of Love” in the January 22, 2021 edition, page 3) —Pamela Mesaros
      February 5, 2021

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