March 2021 – A month of celebrating and achieving

Kait LeonardBy Kait Leonard

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March 2021 – A month of celebrating and achieving
“Venus and Mars are Alright Tonight,” by Jeffrey (
Riding the astrology of the last year or so has been like being on one of those all-wood, vintage rollercoasters—you know you’re experiencing history, but throughout the ride you’re praying you live long enough to tell the story. On March 4, this energy shifts when Mars leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. For the first time since we got on the endless rollercoaster loop, life should start moving forward. (Remember to look at your birth chart based on the exact time and location of your birth to see where this energy happens in your life.) The Venus Star Point Before moving into the power of Mars, let’s celebrate the Venus Star Point that will occur in Aries on March 25. On this day, Venus will meet the Sun, forming what is known as a higher conjunction as the Sun positions itself between Venus and the Earth. To understand the energy, think of the warmth of the sun shining on the Goddess of Love. The Venus Star Point will occur in the fire sign of Aries, a sign of the individual, action, and ambition. This marks the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and self-love. It is a time for putting our dreams and passions into action. We will feel empowered to be ourselves and honor our visions. The Venus Star Point will contribute love and passion to the energy of Mars moving into Gemini and meeting the North Node. Let’s Unpack Mars Mars is the male counterpart to Venus. (Remember that male/female represent energy in the sense of yin/yang, receptive/expressive. Every person’s chart has both Mars and Venus.) Mars is energy, action, and physical desire. He is a leader and commander, but he can be aggressive and impulsive. He is our survival instinct, our ambition, our lust. Without Mars, we would happily sit on the couch and eat marshmallows. Mars motivates us up and out. Mars will show us his best side when he moves from earthy Taurus into air sign Gemini. The sign of the twins is intelligent, social, and on the go. And this suits Mars’ desire to move forward and make things happen. Expect energy levels to soar and all those projects and plans that have seemed to be too much to deal with to suddenly ignite. This will become especially interesting and powerful as Mars moves into a relationship with the North Node. Understanding the North Node The North and South nodes of the Moon, also known as Rahu and Ketu respectively, are not planets. They are the points where the course of the moon intersects the ecliptics. For the sake of understanding the astrological energy of the month, it’s easiest to think of them functioning as planets do. They bring a certain energy to the conversation between signs, houses, and planets. Because of its connection to the moon, the North node is about psychology and emotions. It looks at the present moment and helps us make the internal changes necessary to move toward our goals. The North node entered Gemini on May 5, 2020, and will stay there until January 2022. What is special this month is that Mars will add action to the emotions and ideas of the node. Mars in Relationship with the North Node in Gemini From the time Mars enters Gemini, he begins his movement toward the North node. Think of Mars bringing fuel closer and closer to your goals. This energy will reach its apex on March 26, when the two will be sitting on top of each other. During this period, the physical energy and stamina of Mars blends with the emotional and mental energy of the node. It’s a time to manifest all those fantastic ideas and dreams that have been brewing while Mars was stuck in kick-back Taurus. As in any relationship, there are things to look out for. Both Mars and Gemini can be impulsive. Just think of what happens when a fire (Mars) is fanned by the wind (Gemini.) Throughout the month of March, find ways to pace yourself and carefully consider extreme actions. Gemini is good at thinking, and the Venus Star Point adds self-care, so everything should turn out just fine. March may be the best month of 2021, so take full advantage by grabbing onto the energy and setting your dreams in motion.
Kait Leonard

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March 5, 2021

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