October 2022 Delivers the Treats and the Tricks

Kait LeonardBy Kait Leonard

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Spooky Season starts off more treat than trick with Venus and Jupiter bestowing blessings and Mercury turning direct. We’ll also get some relief from the heavy energy we’ve been under when Pluto and Saturn begin to move forward. But to whatever extent possible, get ready for a couple of jump-scares with the eclipse along the Taurus/Scorpio axis and Mars turning retrograde. After all, ’tis the season. Boo! Gotcha!
October begins with Venus in Libra opposing Jupiter retrograding through Aries. Even in opposition, the two most auspicious planets in the sky bring lots of treats with their combined positive energy. In this case, they support finding balance between what is good for the collective and what works for the individual. Check your natal chart to see where Libra and Aries fall. These will be the areas most impacted by this very productive energy.

On October 2nd, Mercury turns direct ending what has been a very challenging retrograde due to the antagonistic angle the messenger planet has been making with Mars. This combative relationship will continue until October 10th when Mercury moves into Libra, but at least the extra challenge of the retrograde will be taken out of the mix. And while we’re talking about all the retrograde energy we’ve been living with, Pluto, the planet of deep transformation and power, will go direct on October 8th. This should make stepping into personal power and moving forward easier than it's been in a while. And taskmaster Saturn goes direct on October 22nd. Saturn has everything to do with being able to put in the hard work necessary to achieve high goals. By the end of the month, we’ll all feel like it’s easier to get to work and make stuff happen.

It’s not all forward momentum through October, however, because Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good luck, Uranus, the planet of unexpected change, and Neptune, the planet of idealism, will continue to crawl backward through the sky. And just to keep the season appropriately scary, Mars turns retrograde on October 30th. (Consider costuming as a gladiator or a sociopath for Halloween?) Usually, the warrior planet facilitates assertive communication, but how dull would that be during this very dramatic season? Look out for manipulation, angry outbursts, and ideas long repressed finally blasting to the surface. Mars also gives us the fiery energy we need to get things done, so while he’s retrograde, we may find our get-up-and-go a bit zombie-like. Try not to fall asleep at your Halloween party.

The Moon goes full in Aries on October 9th. As always, the full moon happens when the two luminaries oppose each other, encouraging us to balance our inner desires and needs with our outer goals and actions. This lunation brings special blessings because Venus is close to the Sun and Jupiter is in Aries with the Moon. Having the two most positive planets adding their energy to the Full Moon ensures that intentions set during this time will be fulfilled and probably bring extra bonus blessings.

October is a mixed trick-or-treat bag, but the haunt season truly gets underway on October 25th with the partial solar eclipse in the very spooky sign of Scorpio. Expect to get a jolt from the scorpion’s tail wherever he lands on your natal chart. Eclipses bring change, like it or not, and since Scorpio is a fixed water sign (think ice) it doesn’t always celebrate being forced to transform. Fortunately, this eclipse is partial so it won’t zap us too badly. Look to this area of life and gently release anything that isn’t serving you well. Approach it as you do those scary dark places in Halloween mazes. Just keep reminding yourself that you’re having so much fun.

On Halloween, Mercury, the Sun, Venus, and the South Node in Scorpio form a positive aspect to Neptune, the planet of make believe, and Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion. So dress up, find a party, and have a spooky good time. Just keep that Mars retro motion in mind, and try not to get into too many arguments.
Happy Halloween!
Kait Leonard

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September 30, 2022