October is ‘Adopt A Shelter Dog’ Month

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October 13, 2023 The County of Los Angeles (County) Board of Supervisors has officially declared October 2023 as “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month” throughout Los Angeles County. The Board reminds us that this is a great time to adopt a shelter dog and brings attention to the many wonderful dogs who are waiting for their forever homes in the County animal care centers. Adopting a shelter dog not only provides a loving home for a deserving dog but is a proactive response to the high volume of dogs being admitted to the animal care centers. Numerous studies have shown that having a dog reduces stress and improves mental health. Dog ownership also provides a sense of purpose and improves physical fitness by encouraging physical activity, improving heart health and general physical fitness. The Department of Animal Care & Control (DACC) encourages residents to visit one of the County’s seven animal care centers and find a loving canine companion. Dog adoption fees are waived at all DACC’s animal care centers throughout the month. “Dogs bring immeasurable joy to our lives,” said Director Marcia Mayeda. “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month is the perfect opportunity to find a forever friend who will bring unconditional love and a lifetime of companionship and devotion.” For more information and to view our adoptable pets: animalcare.lacounty.gov. About the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC). One of the largest animal care and control agencies in the nation, DACC operates seven animal care centers and provides services to more than three million residents and their pets. DACC operates under the nationally recognized Socially Conscious Sheltering model to ensure the best possible outcomes for animals and the community. As a community resource center for pets and owners, DACC protects people and animals from harm, provides care for lost and unwanted animals, reunites lost pets with their families, and strives every day to move closer to its goal of finding a loving home for every adoptable pet that comes through its doors. To learn more about DACC, the resources its provides, and view its animals, visit animalcare.lacounty.gov or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and X. To donate to the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation: lacountyanimals.org. To learn more about Socially Conscious Sheltering, visit animalcare.lacounty.gov.
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October 13, 2023