Olive aka Queen Olive & Royal Cohort Alfie

By Joan Alperin      August 20, 2021

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Olive aka Queen Olive & Royal Cohort Alfie
Hello! My name is Olive and I am a six-year-old Japanese Chin. Some readers might remember my brother, Alfie, who appeared in the Topanga Messenger years ago. He was a former presidential candidate who ran against Hillary and that orange hair dude but he lost. My mother adopted me from a broken family when I was a year old. She drove all the way to Stockton to get me and all the way back to Topanga. As soon as I got to her house and met my brother Alfie, I realized this adoption was a very good thing. My mom treats me like a queen. Well, I am. You might say I’m demanding but Japanese Chins are Royal. At one time only an emperor could own us. She feeds me raw organic kibble topped with mozzarella cheese, roast beef, and/or turkey. I do appreciate this since she’s a vegetarian. Sometimes, I have a hard time communicating with her so I tilt my head from side to side (it’s a Chin thing) trying really hard for her to understand what I desire. It doesn’t always work but I forgive her. I also live here with a Bengal feline named Kimba, who is extremely needy. He always wants affection. I have a huge backyard which I share with two beautiful labs, Blackie and Benny. Sometimes, when nobody’s looking we kiss and cuddle. I love people and whenever my mom has company, I usually smother them with kisses, especially this one guy who shall remain anonymous. Life here is pretty perfect but I do have one complaint: I’m not allowed to chase the rabbits and squirrels that live in our back yard. Other than that I am a very happy Chin.
      August 20, 2021

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