Real Life Dr. Dolittles

Kait LeonardBy Kait Leonard      March 19, 2021

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Real Life Dr. Dolittles
PHOTOS COURTESY OF MICHELE NOVEMBRE Animal communicator Michele Novembre listens to and talks to the animals.
Have you ever wished you could just ask your pet what’s going on? You can, according to animal communicators like Michele Novembre who claims she can use her telepathic skills to communicate with animals, even those who are missing or have passed away. She also offers energy healing services. Many modern-day Dr. Dolittles, Novembre among them, have lists of positive reviews. However, while there are plenty of pet parents who leave sessions raving about their experiences and list benefits such as deepening their relationship with their pet, solving behavior issues, and even saving the pet’s life. The field has its skeptics as well. From Dr. John Dolittle to Present-Day Pet Communicators and Psychics Most animal lovers will admit to having long conversations with their pets, and it’s easy to bring to mind the classic image of a child holding a tea party for the family dog. Author Hugh Lofting brought this fantasy to life in the character of Dr. John Dolittle in 1920 in his children’s series. Modern day Dolittles might use slightly different techniques than their predecessor, but they’re doing something right. At this point, most people have at least heard of animal communicators, sometimes called pet psychics. The profession dates back at least to the mid-twentieth century. The 2002 airing of Sonya Fitzpatrick’s popular television show, The Pet Psychic, spread the idea of animal communication far and wide. Today, a simple internet search of “animal communicator services” brings up over two million listings and the term, “animal communication school,” produces over one million hits.
PHOTOS COURTESY OF MICHELE NOVEMBRE Animal communicator Michele Novembre listens to and talks to the animals.
An Animal Communicator’s Story
Michele Novembre is a certified animal communicator who offers communication services as well as “medical scans,” Rainbow Bridge sessions for animals who have passed away, and energetic and emotional healing sessions. She will also attempt to locate lost pets, though she makes clear on her website that results are not guaranteed.

She grew up with cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, bunnies, fish, and even a tarantula, so it makes sense that she works with all species of animals, all that is, except for humans. “I’m not psychic. I’m an animal communicator,” says Novembre.

The difference between being an animal psychic and a communicator is not clear cut. Many people who offer services similar to those offered by Novembre refer to themselves as pet psychics. However, Novembre says that people associate the term psychic with predicting the future, which she does not do. “Telepathy is a form of communication that transfers through thoughts, pictures, and feelings from one being to another,” she explains.

Novembre says her purpose in communicating with animals is to give them a voice and help their humans connect more deeply with them. Before she had a label for it, her “extraordinary ability” with animals was present in childhood. She could always sense animals’ feelings and read their facial expressions. Her ability deepened after going through in-home hospice care with a beloved cat. From that experience, she made the decision to delve into her gifts in a more structured way, and she enrolled in a two-year training program.

She believes that everyone has some degree of ability to do what she does and explains that animals try to communicate with us, but we have lost our ability to use our innate telepathic ability. She says telepathy is our first language, how we as infants communicate with our mothers. Unfortunately, as we grow up, we learn to discount the subtle messages we receive, leaving us unable to access our telepathic abilities.

Whether it is true that we all have a bit of the Dr. Dolittle in us, animal communicators, like Novembre, offer their services to help us sort things out with our animal companions.

A Pet Parent’s Story
Sarah Irani adopted Missy, an adult dog who had been living on the streets. Irani describes Missy in the early days as “sweet” but adds that she was “skittish and withdrawn” and seemed to want to run away. Irani contacted Michele Novembre in the hope that she could help her help Missy.

They met on Facetime, and Irani says that even working remotely, Novembre’s love of animals is clear. During their telepathic session, Novembre was able to help Irani understand some of the trauma that Missy endured before being rescued. From there, Irani opted for a series of Emotional Freedom Technique sessions with Novembre, which she believes helped Missy release “some of her trauma and fear.”

Irani is very satisfied with her sessions with Novembre. She’s now had Missy for five months and noticed “huge improvements in her comfort and behavior.”

Skeptics might argue that five months in the home would have improved Missy’s comfort level even without any energetic intervention. Of course, there is no way to tell what would have occurred down the path not taken. Irani is happy with how Missy is doing, and she credits the positive changes to Novembre.
PHOTOS COURTESY OF MICHELE NOVEMBRE Animal communicator Michele Novembre listens to and talks to the animals.
A Veterinarian’s Advice
Elizabeth Craig, DVM CVMA CCRT, a specialist in animal rehabilitation and acupuncture, said that when clients come in with information obtained by a communicator, veterinarians do “exactly what we would have done without that information. We do a medical examination.” And if you suspect that your pet might have a problem, she advises starting with the veterinarian. It could save precious time in getting your pet diagnosed.

Craig makes good points and most animal communicators tread carefully when approaching medical issues. Novembre maintains that it is not her intention to take the place of a licensed veterinarian. “I offer possibilities, suggestions, and share what I would do or have done in specific situations similar or identical to yours,” states Novembre on her website ( She also posts the disclaimer, “I am not a veterinarian and cannot and will not diagnose or prescribe.”

General Words of Caution
The field of animal communication, like all fields that function outside the paradigm of the scientific method, has its detractors. A basic internet search of “debunking animal psychics” produces over 2.5 million results. Among these hits are stories told by people who visited animal communicators and claim that none of the information provided was accurate. Debunkers explain that a technique called “cold reading” is used, which involves a “psychic” picking up on cues from the client and then following them based on positive responses to probing questions.

However, the internet also provides countless stories like Sarah Irani’s.

Ultimately, pet parents must make up their own minds and research the practitioner they’re considering working with.

Regardless of concerns raised by skeptics about animal communication, there can be no doubt that Michele Novembre loves animals and practices from a sincere place. She is currently working on a six-month goal of starting an animal sanctuary with a focus on saving horses and rehabilitating local wildlife. She also plans to conduct workshops to train others to talk to animals because, “It’s important that we have a universe full of animal communicators. It’s important for the animals and for us.”
Kait Leonard
      March 19, 2021

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