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Resilient AF!
Kamakshi Hart, solo theatre artist, trauma-informed coach, and award-winning creator of Wild At Hart: A Tale of Trauma & Triumph, presents her newest one-woman show, Resilient AF: Rising To The Occasion, at Corazon Performing Arts on Oct. 2nd, 7 p.m. It is a timely call to build our superpower of resilience as we navigate a world in trauma. During the pandemic, Hart experienced a sense of futility as the lock-down wore on in 2020. Streaming Wild At Hart left her feeling ever more disconnected; a live audience engages an audience through theatre magic that can’t be attained on a screen. By January 2021, Hart wasn’t sure what she wanted to write but knew she needed to write something. Progress on Resilient was halted with news that her father had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He passed within a few short weeks and soon Hart was flying back and forth to Pennsylvania to help her mother with the transition. Working through her own grief, she experienced acute physical pain, a by-product of her post-traumatic stress from childhood. She sought help through the traditional medical system but the results were appalling. The lack of trauma-informed care fueled her desire to write a new play that would shine light on how trauma survivors carry wounds that may not be apparent to the eye but generate levels of challenge difficult to explain. As in her first show, Wild At Hart, Kamakshi began to combine her training in spiritual psychology with her gifts as a playwright and performer and Resilient AF: Rising To The Occasion took shape and form.
Kamakshi Hart (center) with Jenni Klemp and husband Matt after a Hollywood Fringe performance. Jenni assisted in crafting the big red cape to serve several character costumes!
“As a result of the pandemic, trauma is centered in our world view in a way we could never have imagined,” says Hart. “I felt compelled to share more of my experiences transforming trauma personally and professionally, and was drawn to write about my abortion experience. The Supreme Court voting to overturn Roe v. Wade was a timely choice that I now see that as a solo artist, I’m also an activist and a superpower that is needed now more than ever. With that realiztion, Resilience, my Super Heroine was born.”

Resilient AF runs 70 minutes and followed by a talk-back discussion. Tickets are available at For more information: (310) 455-9932,

Content Note: Potentially disturbing material. Mature audience, Mid-teen (accompanied by an adult) and up.

Resilient AF premiered at the inaugural Joshua Tree Solo Festival 2022, and again at the Hollywood Fringe in June. What made this Fringe even more special after two pandemic years was the addition of her debut as a director and developer of a new one-woman show by local actor Kristy Beauvais, The Lion, The Witch & The Walk-In Closet.

Both shows enjoyed successful runs and Beauvais will perform at Corazon on Oct. 16th, 7 p.m.

Hart is thrilled to team up with Corazon’s Gio Brandi and bring solo theatre to Topanga. The October performances follow on the illustrious heels of Stacie Burrows and her solo show, Bulletproof Unicorn, that was performed in July. Corizon is located at the Topanga Creek Courtyard, nextdoor to Endless Colors restaurant.

She will also be performing on Oct. 19th at the Hudson Guild Theatre in Hollywood and on Nov. 13th at NAMBA Performing Arts in Ventura.

Find Kamakshi Hart and Kristy Beauvais on Instagram and Facebook. Both shows are listed on Corazon’s Facebook page and Eventbrite.

What They’re Saying about Resilient AF
“A bold and fiercely compassionate performer. I loved this show! I challenge anyone not to!”
—Samantha Simmons-Ronceros, NoHoArts
“A creative genius and master storyteller. A must see!!”
—David Harris
“I have never heard the idea that an attack on abortion rights is a continuance of the sexual violence against women but those words were in my mind and later on my lips after your performance. Thank you for your story, and for allowing me to see things closer from your perspective so I can have that expansion in my compassion for others.”
Opening scene of Resilient AF.
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September 16, 2022

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