Revolution vs. the Status Quo – Sound Familiar?

By Kait Leonard
Kait LeonardBy Kait Leonard

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Revolution vs. the Status Quo – Sound Familiar?
Given 2020 and what we’ve seen of January 2021, I really wish I could say something super positive about February. Here’s all I got—astrologically speaking, the worst of 2021 occurred during the first two weeks of January. But February is not going to be a cakewalk either, so let’s start with a dive in the deep end. Throughout the month, Saturn, the planet of government, structure, and the status quo, squares off against Uranus, the planet of revolution. Expect to see continued uprising against governmental structures and old ways of doing things. To make things even weirder, Saturn, representative of the old, is in Aquarius, a sign of innovation. This isn’t as problematic as it sounds because Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, so it feels okay in that sign. On the positive side, it can bring structure as we try to build a post-2020 world. BUT…it is pitted against Uranus, which represents rebels and sudden change, in Taurus, a fixed sign that resists change. Uranus is in its Fall season in Taurus, so its energy is somewhat distorted and perhaps weaker than usual. This could indicate that the more comfortable Saturn will dominate the struggle, bringing some discipline to whatever uprising is in store. OR… it could mean that uncomfortable Uranus is rebelling in weird and nonproductive ways. I’m guessing we’re going to see both sides of this. Another thing to consider with Uranus (sudden change) in Taurus (finances and material stability), we will see both personal and global economic upheaval. Expect continued economic instability and avoid unnecessary financial risks. We’ll see the Uranus square again on June 14 and December 24, so the path of 2021 is guaranteed to have its share of bumps. The other big event during February is the stellium in Aquarius. A stellium is when three or more planets come together in one sign. Throughout most of February, there will be between three and six planets, plus the asteroid Pallas Athena, in Aquarius. At its height, the Sun, Venus, Mercury (retrograding), Jupiter, Saturn, the New Moon, and Pallas will combine their energies in one house. The month will be intense (to say the least) on both a personal and global level. While it’s difficult to predict how this will play out, there will be a boatload of energy in Aquarius. Look to see where Aquarius falls in your chart. This will reveal the area of your life that will get hit with the energy bomb. (Make sure you look at a birth chart that is based on your exact time and place of birth.) Many astrologers see stelliums as positive energy boosts. They’re not wrong, but they can also bring a kind of tangled mess. In this one, we have the Sun shining light and intense energy; Venus in Aquarius fostering humanitarian feelings; Mercury retrograde forcing us to reconsider issues having to do with communication and technology. Given the drama involving the major social media platforms in January, this could prove interesting. Jupiter just wants everything to be big, so whatever else is going on, good or bad, it says, “Yes! More!” Saturn, though, sets boundaries and says, “No. Don’t move too fast.” Jupiter vs. Saturn! Will these two balance each other or conflict? The New Moon signals new beginnings. In Aquarius this could be a social reset of some kind. AND…then there’s Pallas Athena. Not all astrologers take the asteroids into account, but in this crazy stellium in the same month that Uranus is squaring Saturn, I think Pallas Athena is important. This asteroid is named after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War, who was born clothed in armor. She is known to take us through a period of destruction that allows for clearing and resetting our thinking. Only then do we move on to renewal. So, we have another indication of upheaval before we reach sensible thinking and calm. Don’t forget that Jupiter is right there making everything bigger, and Mars in Taurus is always ready to fight. Buckle up! February won’t bring the calm after the storm. The monsoon continues, though without a doubt, we are moving in the direction of better times.
Kait Leonard

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January 22, 2021

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