Miriam ClaireBy Miriam Claire      April 16, 2021

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Thanks so much for publishing my Covid-19 letter in the current issue of The Canyon Chronicle. I greatly appreciate the follow-up you and your staff put together on the next page regarding “Treatment” and how to locate clinics that can transfuse monoclonal antibodies. It was a very supportive and invaluable follow-up for readers who don’t have Kaiser. FYI: Once I am vaccinated towards the end of April and in early May, if a second shot is needed, I’d be happy to drive any Topangan who has tested positive and needs a ride to one of those clinics that offer monoclonal anti-bodies. One of my neighbors at Top of Topanga asked me that question as she wasn’t sure how she would get to such a clinic given that being Covid positive meant she couldn’t call an Uber or Lyft. I told her that I would drive her. Ideally, Topangans who have been vaccinated could coordinate to organize rides. I will follow up on this idea during the week once I know where the clinics are located and have contacted them so that I understand the logistics. Thanks again, —Miriam Claire miriamclaireff@gmail.com; (310) 251-0237
Miriam Claire
      April 16, 2021

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