Roslyn ‘Roz’ Harris—1944-2021

Flavia PotenzaBy Flavia Potenza      August 6, 2021

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With a heavy heart and an overwhelming appreciation for the joy of knowing our beloved friend, devoted mother, loving wife, and trusted sister, we inform you that Roslyn Harris left this world Monday evening, July 26. She was surrounded by loved ones, beautiful music, and the peaceful light of the sun setting through her window. —Matthew Harris (son) She was laid to rest at Mount Sinai Memorial Park in Simi Valley on July 29, in a traditional Jewish fashion with Rabbi Dovid Weiss, Chabad of Topanga, officiating. Remembering Roz Roz Harris volunteered as a proofreader in the last years of the Topanga Messenger, when I was editor. Despite her busy life, she brought a calm with her into the office and a confidence from those of us who worked there, that she would find the one, maybe two mistakes we had all missed. No matter what was going on she was always a welcome presence. I have missed that and her gifts of marmalade jam since the newspaper closed in 2016 and times between visits opened. With great gratitude to Susan Clark, who was care-taking there, I visited Roz at home shortly before she passed. It was difficult for her to talk but she did respond as I shared our memories and prattled on about seeing my son and his family in person for the first time in two years. Roz was very much present as she squeezed my hand and replied in whispers. Hers was a life that touched many lives as was evident during the funeral service. Matt Harris shared a poignant tribute to his mother and a heart-lifting moment I will never forget when he asked the congregation to close their eyes and conjure memories of the person they knew so well. “Remember Everything Roz,”he said. In those moments of loving silence, a multitude of memories were a blessing for all. For those unable to attend the service, the mortuary provided live streaming, which is how I attended. During the service, friends and family remembered Roz, each in their own way filling in nuances of who she was that I would never have known had I not been there. As we remember Roz, it is also time to remember those she left behind. NOTE: If you want to share your memories of Roz Harris, please send to
Flavia Potenza

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