Sadness, Solace, Solitude and Spirit

Flavia PotenzaBy Flavia Potenza      October 2, 2020

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Sadness, Solace, Solitude and Spirit
Photo credit The Huffington Post
We wanted her to live forever, even those of us who barely knew her. We especially didn’t want Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to leave us now, in the midst of such chaos, when so much of what she fought for and won seems perilously close to extinction as the Supreme Court takes a sharp right turn with her likely successor. Most of her victories benefited women, but also men. Don’t we all know that what benefits women benefits everyone? And don’t we all know, with her example before us, that it’s our time to pick up the mantle for justice, for unity and, yes, for humor to light the darkness, and carry us forward. A friend who emails weekly pick-me-ups to her friends, sent this from the Huffington Post ( RIP RBG. Your words will live on. To further lift our spirits during this time of existential exhaustion, we offer a four-page center spread of new Topanga resident Stephen Berger’s photos (Pages 9-12). The photo above of a turkey vulture and sunset, was taken spontaneously from the Lookout at Top O’ Topanga. An exhibit of his photographs, originally scheduled for Northern Lights Gallery in New York in March, was, of course, cancelled due to the pandemic, so we thought to create a readable exhibit. Berger regards photography as a “spiritual journey, “a moving meditation,” and invites readers to take whatever comfort as their own from his search for solace and solitude in nature manifested in these photographs. Coming soon! Topanga’s very first community live stream, TopangaLive!, will launch in November as a weekly two-hour program created and hosted by longtime Topanga residents, Nicki Huggins and Scott Sternberg. TopangaLive! segments will host guest artists, musicians, business owners, realtors, homeowners, volunteers, teachers, and canyon kids discussing their interests and concerns. Potential topics are infinite: health and well-being, food, gardening, hobbies, nature, arts, clothing, local business, real estate, renovations, traffic, weather, technology, emergency awareness and preparedness, celebrations, special announcements, events, etc. All guests will appear live from the comfort and safety of their homes. Staff members and contributors from The Canyon Chronicle will present current news and items of interest. Each stream will include an interactive chat for the community to offer their opinions, concerns, and share information e.g. What are you eating? What are you watching? What’s next for our community? What’s bugging you? Programs will be archived and can be viewed at any time following the initial broadcast. If you’re interested in becoming a guest, recommending someone, or sharing ideas contact TopangaLive!:;
Flavia Potenza

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October 2, 2020