Snowy Egret, San Rafael, CA

Stephen BergerBy Stephen Berger      June 25, 2021

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Snowy Egret, San Rafael, CA;
The egret was on the shore and I accidentally scared it while trying to get some portrait shots and it flew away. I managed to get a few snaps off while it was in the air and these two, it gliding and then starting to land turned out the best. I’ll take credit for the quick reflexes and getting it framed reasonably well and quickly, but it was just luck the conditions were such for it to get the reflections. The photo was taken at the Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds, a reclamation wetlands area project with cleaned wastewater. It’s where I went the most as I honed my bird photography processes and skills. Photography is a walking meditation for me. Whether I get ‘the shot’ or not, I feel present and connected and hyper-aware of what’s around me moment to moment. It’s also an interactive process. My photographs are what I would call “street photography in nature”. Always handheld I wander with my camera, see something that inspires me, and press the shutter. Then I move to the next moment. Between the meditative awareness and the interactive process, these photographs represent the energy, beauty, and feeling of those moments.;;
Stephen Berger
      June 25, 2021

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