So Big! That’s what November is!

Kait LeonardBy Kait Leonard

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So Big! That’s what November is!
Expect the unexpected in November
Big, big, big, so get a copy of your birth chart (available free online), and let’s get into it. First, we start the month with a powerful New Moon in Scorpio. This lunar energy sits in the same sign as ambitious, sometimes aggressive Mars and is opposite the rebellious Uranus. Expect the unexpected from other people and from world events. We might even see more extreme weather. Long buried issues will come to light, and while it might not be pleasant to face what surfaces, it will end up being for the best. On a brighter note, the personal planets—Mercury, Venus, Mars—stay direct throughout November. These planets are the closest to us, so we feel their energy in our day-to-day experiences. This month of increasing momentum should bring direct communication, clearer thinking, and positive movement in plans and projects. Make the most of the clear sailing while we have it because Venus turns retrograde in December. The really big deal in November, however, is the partial lunar eclipse on the 19th at around 1:00 a.m. This is not just any lights-out, it’s the first in the series along the Taurus/Scorpio axis. (Since June 2020, eclipses have been in Gemini and Sagittarius.) During this eclipse cycle, ending in October 2023, we have the down-to-earth bull interacting with the passionate scorpion. The mingling of these energies will give us the muscle and determination to make our dreams come true. It will also reveal which of our relationships deserve our loyalty and which ones need to go. Get ready to do some social housecleaning. Everything depends on where earthy Taurus and watery Scorpio fall in the natal chart, as this determines which aspects of life will be most impacted. Expect to work on those areas for the next couple of years. For a hint of how you might be affected, think back to 2012 through 2014. That was the last time the eclipses occurred along this axis. But there’s more this month. Besides the Sun moving into Sagittarius where it goes every year at this time (Happy birthday, Sag!), we have two other planets changing signs. On November 5th, loving Venus moves into structured and serious Capricorn, where it will stay for three months because of its retrograde period. This combo wants stability, formality, and commitment. This is the time to take relationships to the next level. Thinking of making it official? Go for it! (And you really ought to do this now, before Venus goes retrograde.) It’s also a good time for paying off debt or signing a contract on a home. You might even consider beautification projects that are meant to last. Considering a home renovation or a facelift? The planets will support you. Also on November 5th, Mercury, the messenger, moves into intense Scorpio, where it will stay through the 23rd. If you’ve been needing to have a serious talk with someone, this is the perfect time for it. Mercury is moving direct, so your intentions will be understood. And Scorpio will support you taking that deep dive. Think of it this way: You know you can’t avoid this conversation forever so you might as well have it while the planets are on your side. Finally, on November 24th, Mercury enters Sagittarius. This will be a good time to journal about your big-picture goals, discuss travel plans with buddies, even purchase tickets for that trip. You might feel like you want to get things moving a little faster than you actually can because Mercury doesn’t love being in Sagittarius, but there is plenty that can be accomplished. Just expect a little bit of frustration. With all the forward energy, November is one of the best months we’ve seen in a while. In addition, this eclipse sows seeds that will grow over the next two years. See where these energies fall in your chart and set your intentions for how you would like to transform this sector. Wherever the eclipse impacts your life, the changes it brings will be big… big, big, big!
Kait Leonard

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October 29, 2021