State Parks is Remiss on Brush Clearing

By David Blattel

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State Parks is Remiss on Brush Clearing
Photos by David Blattel Overgrown brush on 92 “Dead Horse” Trail from entrance on Entrada Road towards Trippet Ranch. This is only one small area of the 92 trail. The Musch Trail to the campground is much worse. Dead weeds falling onto Entrada Road block part of the lane, approximately 1/16th mile above Dead Horse Parking Lot. This is State Park property.
Dear Editor, I’ve been raising hell for the last several months about Entrada Road and the State Park. I realize the State Park is understaffed. Maybe it’s time to see if the State Park can be taken over by the National Park Service. There is at least one National Park area in the Santa Monica Mountains, and if the State Park can’t make the park more safe and less likely to have a catastrophic wildfire, maybe the National Parks Service can if it can get that kind of jurisdiction. Any suggestions you have, I’m all ears! Reminder: Brush Clearance deadline is May 1st. Doesn’t that apply to the State Park as well along Entrada Road?
I’m re-attaching the Brush photos where the brush has literally fallen onto Entrada Road, blocking part of the lane going down Entrada Road to Topanga Canyon Blvd. It’s extremely dangerous, not only to traffic, but an incredible fire hazard. This area is just above the Dead Horse Parking Lot, 1/16 to 1/8 mile up Entrada.

Also, the meadow across from our house at 21056 Entrada Road, which is part of Topanga State Park used to be cleared every year for fire prevention. The meadow is all dead weeds as well as dead thistle, which I was told by the Park Service is invasive and should be removed.

If you walk in on the 92 trail entrance on Entrada Rd., about 200 feet up Entrada, there is a wood bridge for water drainage shortly after you walk onto the trail. At some point the State Park cut up some trees and moved dead tree limbs and branches stacked in the weeds along the trail just before you cross over the wood plank bridge. The bridge has a “Saw Horse type Warning” where the bridge has a hole in it. This has been like this for several years, and has never been repaired!
What the heck is going on? The State Park used to take care of the park. The 92 trail is also overgrown, leading from Entrada to near the Trippet Ranch Parking Lot. Then the Musch Trail that leads to the campground from Trippet Ranch is also completely overgrown. It is not safe because of rattlesnakes. With the weeds on the trail you cannot see them. Come fall, it will be even more dangerous on the overgrown trails with ticks that can badly infect people with lyme disease.

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August 5, 2022

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