TAC Carries On!

The Canyon ChronicleBy The Canyon Chronicle      May 14, 2021

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TAC Carries On!
Topanga Actors Company (TAC), one of the first, if not the very first, companies in all of Los Angeles to produce a Zoom production, just wrapped up their very fine production of Lucy Kirkwood’s The Children. Jeanette Vigne, Jessica Hendra and Stephen Hoye gave awesome, focused, natural, effective portrayals of the characters in this darkly funny sci-fi piece. Deftly directed by Judith Hendra, the play really makes one think about the heavy price to be paid in the future for the recklessness and waste accumulating in the present. Topanga Actors Company has powered right through the pandemic, bringing artists together online from as far away as England while continuing to give our audiences exposure to the best of modern theater. Our next production is Middletown by the distinguished American playwright Will Eno (The Realistic Joneses, Thom Pain) Middletown is a quirky, poetic, and magical place full of cul-de-sacs and oblique angles. It is populated by familiar characters from the town librarian to the town cop and the not-so-familiar including an honest-to-goodness astronaut. Edward Giron, TAC’s director, says the play is about life and death among the people in middle-Middletown, a quirky, weird, and touching nonlinear microcosm where things don’t always happen the way we expect, or don’t happen at all. The rich characters of the town intermingle and try to connect to each other or to a better place. It’s funny, bizarre, philosophical, and poetic. The production features company members Allison Davies, Dylan Booth, Liz Herron, Linda Molnar, Aaron Stall, Tom Waters, and guests Deborah Bertling, Bill Egan, and Sean Jackson. Free on Zoom, Saturday June 5, at 7 p.m. PDT and Sunday, June 6 at 7 pm PDT Link for both nights: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86482001796. A good way to pick up the link is to go to TAC’s Facebook page. Use the link, or simply enter Topanga Actors Company Facebook into your browser.
The Canyon Chronicle
      May 14, 2021

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