The Art of Receiving

Flavia PotenzaBy Flavia Potenza

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The Art of Receiving
Photo by Flavia Ponteza
Lunch, dinner, chicken soup, groceries, dog food, cat food, laundry, dog walking, errands, trips to the doctor, advocates who know how to work the medical system, people popping in to say, “How are ya? Need anything?” It could be overwhelming if it weren’t so welcome. As I convalesce from the accident, I wonder how you can repay so much generosity and good will. “Thank you” doesn’t seem adequate. There’s a humility that comes with receiving knowing you could never give back what you’ve received. My mother’s wisdom gives me comfort. Simply say, “Thank you,” she advised. A time will come when you will do the same without hesitation or question.. The Return of the Topanga Symphony “Father’s Day was a gorgeous, renaissance moment,” writes Paula LaBrot. “A live, talented orchestra of professional, amateur and student musicians played a beautiful [free]concert at the Community House for a live, eclectic, intelligent audience. Ruth Bruegger gave a virtuoso performance, bringing the audience to their feet in appreciation. Milles gracias to all the members of the Topanga Symphony for bringing such quality and beauty to our lives here in Topanga and such wonderful opportunities for local amateurs and young musicians to play with the pros.” Thank you Jeanne Mitchell for coordinating it. Richard Newton Sherman (1937-2021) Dick Sherman died peacefully on December 30, 2021, his wife, Lyn and her bloodhound by his side. There will be a Memorial service on Sunday, July 24th, from 2-5 p.m. at 1909 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA 90290. RSVP is required. Send to Serena Wiley is coordinating the event and has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for the memorial: Additional money over and above the cost of the event will be donated in Richard’s name to The Blue Bell Cat Foundation in Laguna Beach, CA. Dick Sherman was a man for his time. He was a well-known contractor in Malibu and Topanga for over 60 years, specializing in underground utilities and septic systems. His interest in the history of the area and being such an integral part of Topanga, made him one of the most entertaining guests at Topanga Historical Society events, probably because he lived so much of it. He was truly beloved by all who knew him...for his skill, his generosity, and humor.
Flavia Potenza

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JUNE 24, 2022

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