The Chants: Merging through Ceremony, Dance, Intention, and Music

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The Chants: Merging through Ceremony, Dance, Intention, and Music
Devon Farr (left) and Aline Braga (right) celebrate with primitive chanting and a fusion of sound and imagery.
On January 15, 2021, The Chants band came alive in Topanga Canyon with their worldwide debut video and song, “Hey-Ya,” featuring international singing artist Úyanga Bold. ( The Chants originated with Jamie Papish, 30-year Topanga resident and world-renowned music percussionist and songwriter, and Kevin Fraser, reggae/rock singer, songwriter and percussionist. They met at the “Octogon House” just before the lockdown in March 2020 and found they shared a vision of moving people by layering simple chants to sing and infectious rhythms to dance to. “My inspiration was the possibility of bringing people the hope of a brighter future where we are all connected,” says Papish. “Making the video was like having an intense dream with non-stop action and problem-solving. You come out of it exhausted but knowing it was worth whatever I had to go through.” Feeling they also needed the feminine balance of vocals and energy to complete the group, they recruited longtime friends and fellow musicians, Dawn Marie Yurkovic and Renette Jobst. Together, they birthed a fusion of sound and imagery inspired by the celebration of primitive chanting mixed with percussion instruments and rhythms of the world. With the idea of transcending the current climate of societal uncertainty, The Chants created a sound designed to empower and give a voice to the people in a visual journey from the present, to the past and through the future.
The Chants Band members (l-r), Jamie Papish, Dawn Marie Yurkovic, Renette Jobst, and Kevin Fraser, who shared a vision of transcending all separation, and celebrating the divinity of the human experience.
The website describes the video as depicting “all tribes and all timelines merging through ceremony, dance, intention, and musical vibration, ultimately transcending all separation, and celebrating the divinity of our human experience. After eons of aligning with the source of creation and opening our souls to the universal language, the time has come to translate the many secrets this group has uncovered through the mediums of music and video.”

Here are a few of the visual images you may see and feel as you watch the video:

A kaleidoscope of movement, music, diversity, fire, and human energy, taking the viewer on a journey back to unity.

Honoring the vision of each human’s ability to embody every man and woman from every epoch of time.

Activating all life to its highest self through performing music from spirit which alters our human experience on deeply profound levels.

A five-dimensional crossroads where Ancient kindred spirit and sacred technomancy meet at the divine human intersection.

The certainty that we are a human organism, summoned to come together in conscious ceremony with all nations and every walk of life on earth… now.

These are the messages of our era. Of our time. Of our song. Activate your sovereign, divine nature, and join us as we remind ourselves that our individual freedom and collective souls are empowered through music, dance, and community.

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For teasers of the full song length, video, and downloadable photos and information: EPK www.sonicbids. com/band/the-chants.
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