The Dog Days of August

The Canyon ChronicleBy The Canyon Chronicle      July 22, 2022

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The Dog Days of August
Want Your Dog’s picture in The Canyon Chronicle? The Chronicle’s August 5 issue begins our annual Dog Days celebration. Since we don’t want to miss those first few days before we officially publish, here’s a teaser about how people dogs are celebrated withtheir own national days. Maybe it will entice you to submit your dog’s photo and a brief story or poem about what’s so special about your charismatic canine (150 words max). Submit to no later than July 28. DOGust 1st is the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs. Thousands of sweet dogs land at animal shelters until they can find forever homes. In 2008, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, North Shore Animal League America, chose August 1 as the universal birthday for all shelter dog (or “mutt-i-grees).” This date inspires all of us to consider their plight. Shelters across America join North Shore Animal League on this day by making an extra effort to facilitate adoptions. Shelter workers can estimate a dog’s age, but they can never know precisely when they were born and nobody wants to see a dog go without a birthday! When these dogs are adopted, their new family might give them a new birthday, but for those without a home, this date serves as a universal celebration. On DOGust 1st, spread the word and raise awareness about pet adoption services and shelters in general, praising them for all the incredible work they do in rescuing and caring for animals across the country and the world. This day we can return the unconditional love and adoration they give us. Topanga’s closest Los Angeles Animal Shelters: Agoura Animal Care Center, 29525 AgouraRd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301. Opens at 10 a.m., seven days a week. For information: (818) 991-0071; West Valley Animal Shelter Services Center, 20655 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: Opens 9 a.m. (888) 452-7381; National Night Out Day, on August 2, began with Matt Peskin in 1970. He was a regular volunteer for the Lower Merion Community Watch program of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Peskin eventually introduced a newsletter on community successes and local volunteer work then reached out to the surrounding communities for help. Almost 10 years later, Peskin established his own group — the National Association of Town Watch that linked all neighborhood town watches, provided them with resources, and gave them assets to help them stay up and running. The first celebration was huge — 2.5 million neighbors from 400 communities in 23 states. Recently, the Dog Walker Watch has joined this program. NOTE: Topanga has Arson Watch and Neighborhood Networks to keep an eye on Topanga. Maybe our canine neighbors can join their humans as Arson Watchers during this hot summer. Do they have Arson Watch t-shirts for dogs? Join at: Assistance Dog Day on August 4, makes up part of International Assistance Dog Week (IADW), August 7-13 that was created to recognize the dedicated, hardworking assistance dogs helping individuals mitigate their disabilities. Dogs are everyone’s best friend because of their loyalty and dedication, but assistance dogs transform people’s lives. They serve as their helper, companion, aide, best friend, and close member of their family by performing simple tasks. Guide dogs help the blind and those with vision loss, and hearing alert dogs help those with hearing loss. This is a time to appreciate these dogs and their trainers and raise funds to increase increase awareness of the work they do. The day also honors the puppy owners and trainers of assistance dogs, whose efforts better the lives of others. The heroic deeds of assistance dogs are also recognized on this day with lots of fun activities on the day. The day was created by author Marcie Davis, a paraplegic for over 35 years. She wrote the book “Working Like Dogs: The Service Dog Guidebook,” and is host of the internet radio program, “Working Like Dogs.” She founded Working Like Dogs to honor assistance dogs around the world and is a sponsor of International Assistance Dog Week (August 7-13) . Work Like a Dog Day, on August 5, is a time to honor the people who emulate the strong work ethic of canines, especially service dogs, farm dogs who work from the crack of dawn till the sun sets, and sled dogs and sheepdogs that perform grueling tasks every day. Today, pause to appreciate the hard workers who work on a task (or a bone) until it’s done. “Working like a dog” simply means to go the extra mile. The best part is that after you’ve “Worked like a dog,” you can also take a well-deserved long slumber because, after all, “It’s a dog’s life.” Animals teach us so much, and working hard to attain your goals is a life lesson that you can’t go wrong. (
The Canyon Chronicle
      July 22, 2022

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