THE World’s Largest Helitanker

Demonstrates Firefighting Water Drops from 69 Bravo
The Canyon ChronicleBy The Canyon Chronicle      November 27, 2020

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THE World’s Largest  Helitanker
A proud day for Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby.
With the vision of Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and Fire Chief Daryl Osby in securing 69 Bravo in perpetuity, yet another firefighting resource is now available to the residents of the Santa Monica Mountains and the citizens of Los Angeles County
In the middle of California’s worst fire season on record, the Los Angeles
County Fire Department and the Orange County Fire Authority
conducted a joint training exercise with the world’s largest firefighting
helicopter, highly modified CH-47 Chinook, that is able to drop 3,000
gallons of water or retardant in a single pass.

The Chinook dropped 3,000 gallons of water taken from Fire Base 69
Bravo, high above Topanga and Malibu, in a test flight on Tuesday, November
17. The exercise included both daytime and nighttime water drops.

The exercise and flight was conducted so CH-47 Chinook pilots could
familiarize themselves with L.A. County’s Fire Base 69 Bravo and its stateof-the-art automated water refilling capabilities of the four on-site reservoirs
called “pumpkins.”

Stationed in Los Alamitos, the CH-47 is available for use around the clock
to respond to fires in Southern California.

Orange County Fire Chief, Brian Fennessy and Los Angeles County
Fire Chief Daryl Osby watched as the tanker did its magic. Chief Fennessy
acknowledged that “This very large helitanker will deliver a powerful punch
and make a significant difference on the fire line”

Southern California Edison is providing the funding to help lease and
operate the aircraft.

During the day and nighttime flights, the tanker filled up at 69 Bravo to
repeatedly unload its 3000 gallons on parts of 69 Bravo’s 34 acres.

Two Super Scoopers made water drop passes just below Fire Base 69
Bravo’s helipads. The Super Scoopers are under contract with Los Angeles County and are
based in Van Nuys.

County Fire Chief Daryl Osby explained how the department will use the CH-47 as
another asset for fighting fires in the Santa Monica Mountains.

The Chinook helicopter is based at Los Alamitos Air Base in Orange County with a flight
time of only 11 minutes to 69 Bravo and the Santa Monica Mountain Communities.
The Canyon Chronicle
      November 27, 2020

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