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Alli Acker ArchiveBy Alli Acker Archive      March 19, 2021

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Topanga Before Today
Actors read Ziff’s Magazine at the Topanga Post Office Cowboy actors pose in an apparent advertisement for Ziff’s Magazine (March 1925 issue) at the Topanga Post Office. Ziff’s Magazine was an irreverent joke book published in Chicago, IL, from 1923-1926. The cover always displayed a shapely young woman with some play on words. Committees protested against this “obscene literature,” saying Ziff’s contained pictures and articles detrimental to youths between 14 and 19 years who “devour the contents of the books.” Nevertheless, the magazine captured the Jazz Age style and sophistication and set the model for the glossy men’s magazines of the future. Retrieved from Topanga Historical Society digital archive, accessed March 15, 2021,
Magazine cover courtesy of Ziff’s Magazine, March 1925
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March 19, 2021

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