Topanga Chamber Zooms Meditation Mixer

Annemarie DonkinBy Annemarie Donkin      August 7, 2020

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Topanga Chamber Zooms Meditation Mixer
Toasting to love and light, the Topanga Chamber of Commerce’s Evening Zoom Mixer on July 30 aimed to open the hearts and minds of its members. The Mixer was facilitated by Topanga healer Dianne Porchia of Porchia’s Wish—Whole Integrated Self Health, A Path to Loving, Healing and Living Consciously. “Welcome to this Zoom meeting with your open mind and heart while reconnecting with the people you know and cherish in our unique mountain community,” Porchia wrote in the email inviting the community to log on. Porchia urged each Chamber member to offer a toast to celebrate “Topanga’s resilience, reducing mental-emotional stress, and future visioning for your Self, your work and your community.” Topanga musician Tony Selvage opened the meeting with a beautiful electric violin serenade. “I’m playing my music to send love and light,” he said. “This is a great place to get all the gossip,” said Chamber President Kriss Perras. “Topanga is making it through disaster as one community; we are strong together,” Kristina Rocco Levy received praise from the members, honoring her for her outstanding work delivering Rocco’s Cucina meals to seniors three times a week in the Canyon and also providing meals to the Los Angeles County Grant Meal Program, Topanga Cares, at the Topanga Library each week. “The SAGES are keeping me busy with food deliveries. I have friends to feed; I’d rather be helping rather than sitting at home,” Rocco Levy said. “I want to propose a toast to this incredible Topanga community who gives so much; to Tony with love and music; Joseph [Rosendo] is tireless in protecting Topanga. The Chamber of Commerce has always been at the forefront of good from when it started 12 years ago; it’s at the core of Topanga, the core group in the community as a force for good. I want to keep the history of Rocco’s going in Topanga, keep the legacy and my father’s recipes alive!” Other members offering toasts and good wishes to the group were Anne Christine Von-Wetter; Joseph and Julie Rosendo; Ron Fomalont; Kirsty Iredale; Cecilie Stuart; Julie Levine; Kathleen Gildred; and Ron Kramer. After the toasts, socializing and music, Selvage played another piece that worked to lead into the guided meditation with some improvisations and well-known songs, such as “Amazing Grace,” to put everyone in a contemplative mood, and offered one last affirmation and his definition of “heal” as “Heaven’s Energy Around Love.” Porchia then closed her eyes and facilitated a guided healing meditation for the members, giving each participant permission to relax into a blissful state. It was divine! n For information on the Topanga Chamber of Commerce:
Annemarie Donkin
      August 7, 2020

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