Topanga Gets a Portable Toilet

The Canyon ChronicleBy The Canyon Chronicle      July 24, 2020

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Topanga Gets a Portable Toilet
Photo by Kait Leonard.
A portable toilet was installed in June on Old Topanga Canyon Road, just north of Topanga Canyon Blvd., just past the Inn of the Seventh Ray. A hand-washing station has been ordered, but the date of arrival is unknown.  Stacy Sledge, former president of the Topanga Canyon Town Council, facilitated installation of a portable toilet that was maintained for decades behind the Topanga Creek Market but was removed in 2018.. “Since the Porta Potty that had served our community had to be removed from the General Store’s back parking lot,” said Sledge, “the Topanga Town Council and other volunteers worked with the County to find a new, but temporary location that could provide this necessary public service during the Covid-19 crisis. With other community restroom facilities not available, this Porta Potty is critical to the health and wellbeing for not only locals, but visitors that come through the canyon.” The current facility came out of CARES Act funding, separate from the Pit Stop program. The facility will not be staffed. “In the Third Supervisorial District, we received just over $55,000 to help the Topanga community address the impact of Covid-19 on residents,” wrote a County spokesperson in June, as the facility was being installed. “With community input, we have decided to spend a portion of the funds on a Porta Potty and a handwashing station.” While the Porta Potty won’t be monitored, the spokesperson said that Los Angeles County will pay for its maintenance out of the Block Grant funds
The Canyon Chronicle
      July 24, 2020

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