Robert BrennerBy Robert Brenner      April 2, 2021

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Dear Editor, In the March 19 issue of The Canyon Chronicle (Lifestyle, “Real Life Dr. Dolittles”), you ran an article about Michele Novembre who is an animal communicator. I have to say, as a resident of Topanga I found the article rather offensive. Topanga, as you know, is such a small community of artists, musicians, and individuals who are well acquainted with alternative approaches. I have worked with Michele on multiple occasions, only to see almost immediate changes. In addition, she was able to diagnose and identify my dogs’ medical needs above and beyond our veterinarian! It bothers me to see this writer present her work in such a questionable way, rather than support her, a Topanga resident of years. Highly disappointing for me. —Respectfully, Robert Brenner For the Record We had an opportunity to discuss the original article with Michele Novembre and invited her to clarify and include additional information for a more nuanced article for our website that expands the original print article (thecanyonchronicle.com). To contact Michele Novembre: animalsexpressions.com. —Flavia Potenza, Editor
Robert Brenner
      April 2, 2021

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