Welcome to September 2020!

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Welcome to September 2020!
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This has been a doozy of a year and according to the planets we won’t be out of the tunnel until December, so hang on! Mars, the planet of courage and combat, has been bouncing around impulsive Aries and will continue to do so for a while. The advice to every sign is slow down and consider your words and actions. On a lighter note, Mercury is direct all month long, so Mars may have you shooting your mouth off, but at least you’ll be understood. It’s best if you read your rising sign and then your Sun and Moon signs. If you don’t have your rising sign, you can get it free at astro.com. THE SIGNS Aries—The sun in your house of work is in positive aspect to your house of career goals. You might find that you’re able to expand your business. Mars is your ruling planet, so it shouldn’t hit you so hard. Still, at least at work, count to 10 before you speak. The Pisces full moon on the first is happening in your house of secrets. Is there something that needs to come to light and be released? Taurus—The sun is in your sector of creativity. It’s a good time for creative projects, higher education, or foreign travel, maybe virtual? If you’ve been thinking of getting pregnant, go for it this month. The full moon could make you emotional in social situations around the first, so that might be a good time to work those creative projects on your own…well, except for the pregnancy one. Gemini—The sun is shining on home and family. It’s a good month to connect with parents and parental figures, revisit your hometown, have a reunion with childhood pals. This could be a good time for you to buy or sell a home or improve the one you have. The Pisces full moon is in your career sector. Is it time to end a chapter? Releasing the old makes room for the new. Cancer—The sun is in your house of communication, siblings, and neighborhood. It’s a good time to hang-out with people close to you. The sun will also support writing if that’s your thing. The full moon is impacting education and foreign travel. Full moons are about culmination. Time to finish that degree? Leo—The Sun, your ruler, is transiting your house of money and self-worth. This is a good time for anything having to do with finances and increasing your sense of personal value. Have you been considering asking for a raise? This could be a good time especially because the full moon is in the area of transformation and other people’s money. You may be able to change the terms of your contract, pay off debt, or receive money from insurance or inheritance. Virgo—The Sun is in your sign for most of September, making it your month to shine. Your birthday is a day when the Sun gives you an extra boost and makes wishes come true. Just make sure you blow out all the candles on that birthday cake! It’s also a good time for creative projects as well as for getting pregnant. The full moon is in your sector of relationships. If you’ve outgrown a relationship, it could be time to let it go. Libra—The sun is shining in the area of the subconscious and hidden things. You might feel the need to communicate something that’s been buried. It could be time to talk to someone close to you about something you’ve had on your mind. The full moon may prompt you to rethink what you do with your days. Perhaps it’s time to restructure your schedule or even change the kind of work you do. Scorpio—The Sun is shining in your house of friendship and humanitarian activities. Find ways to interact with your social circle. You might find yourself joining new groups, especially those that aim to make the world better. The full moon will support you finishing up creative projects that have been in the works. And if you’ve been trying to get pregnant, you might see that dream come true. Sagittarius—The sun is bright in your sector of career and life purpose. This is a good time to put everything you’ve got into your career. You’re good at the big picture, but this month, you’ll make more progress by attending to the details. The full moon brings emotion to your house of family and early childhood. If there are issues between you and family members or anything dealing with childhood trauma, you might be able to find resolution and move on. Capricorn—The sun is in your area of higher education and anything foreign. That’s where you should focus your energy right now, and knowing you, that probably means finishing your Ph.D., or something. Go for it! The full moon is nudging you to talk about your feelings, but being a Cappy, you’ll probably decide to bury yourself in work instead. Aquarius—The sun is highlighting the area of transformation and other people’s money. This is a great time to pay off debt, and if you’ve been expecting to receive money from insurance, a court case, your partner, etc., you might see it coming in. The full moon is in the sector of possessions. Around September 1, you might want to go through those closets and do some downsizing. Pisces—The full moon is in your sign. You’re an emotional sign anyway, and around the first of the month you might find yourself even more intense than usual. You may be ready to let go of outworn ideas you’ve held about yourself. This is a good thing! We all need to update our self-image. The sun is shining in your house of relationships, so while you’re cleaning your internal house, lean on those you love for support. Kait Leonard reads the stars, Tarot cards, and her beloved crystal ball. She has worked in the world of woo-woo since the early seventies. You can follow her on social media @StirtheCauldron where she posts daily Tarot advice and will be announcing the upcoming launch of her YouTube channel. When not gazing into the future, Kait is a writer and shares her home with five parrots and her American bulldog.
Kait Leonard

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