What About Us?

By Wendy Skolfield      August 5, 2022

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Dear Editor, Looks like Nate [Daneshgar], who owns Pine Tree Circle, just bought the John Sowden House, “a dazzling neo-Mayan gem built by architect Lloyd Wright” [son of Frank Lloyd Wright], for $6.16 million. (latimes.com/business/real-estate/story/2022-07-01/marijuana-millionaire-sells-lloyd-wrights-neo-mayan-masterpiece-for-6-16-million) As a Topangan who has been watching Pine tree circle sink in so many ways since the Carlsons sold it, I’m wondering why Mr. Daneshgar can’t seem to find funds to keep the center from its continuing slide into decline? The constant septic stink in the parking lot, the abandoned fire trap Boubalina building, and the impact of super high rent fees on longtime retail tenants are all discouraging to watch. Am I the only Topangan who notices? Maybe The Canyon Chronicle can start a community conversation on this one? Thank you for continuing to bring great journalism to Topanga! Best, The Editor Replies The Canyon Chronicle exists to provide a public venue to give voice to the community on matters of concern and will do our best to responsibly report on any efforts by residents to rectify the situation. Mr. Daneshgar is most welcome to reply to Ms Skolfield and the community regarding her concerns.
      August 5, 2022

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